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Charter Three

August 22, 2013


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Thus, they believe that the non-renewal is improper and therefore ask for perceiving the agreed wage for the next two years, half of the Olympic cycle that will end with the dispute of the games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, as well as occupational and moral damages, since Tarres environment ensures that they received up to four offers MexicoBrazil, Canada and Italy before these events and who, now and especially with the publication of the above-mentioned letter, have disappeared. Carpena denies any relationship with Charter in a view that began three hours after expected, since the pre-processing of the Act of conciliation not bore fruit, they were accurate more than three hours to listen to both parties, testimonies including by demand with the presence of girls signers of the letter. Carpena, in a long exhibition, placed emphasis on denying any type of relationship with the writing and drafting the Charter against Tarres. I do solemnly swear that I have nothing to do with which has been mounted. I have nothing to do with the letter, he assured a Carpena who regretted that the case has come to the first press and now the courts, and that he added that Tarres sporting cycle has been extraordinary, though despite this they have wanted to make a change of course in the selection, without giving the reasons which have led him not to renew the Catalan selector, in Office since 1997 and has won 55 medals in major competitions, four of them Olympic. See more: Anna Tarres calls for 350,000 euros to the Federation by infringing their rights and damage its image

Burberry Scarf

August 19, 2013


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August 11, 2013


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It is no longer if they have many destinations, if they offer good service although it is very important – that if you have low costs or if you like their planes, the airlines point is that they have to modernize and be able to conform to our current needs. What society needs at this time is immediacy, efficiency, we want to have and know everything at the very moment in which we need, no more case for example find out a news story on TV the next day of that step if you can check it on the internet. This happens with the airlines. With accelerated our life there are occasions where we need to urgently leave travel, so we want that airlines can give us a quick service; Luckily there is an airline that understands us and fits our life. A Mexican and low-cost airline already has an application for your mobile phone, this time you need can enter the application and check the schedules and costs of the destinations that you need and buy your ticket online. Buying the ticket online we save a lot time, now no longer have to open the newspaper or mark to a travel agency to find out if there are flights to the destination that we need; In addition to this all the services offered by the airline in its portal can also be found.

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