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3D Printing – Wow!

July 30, 2014


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If you have a computer at home, is likely to also have a printer, but surely not a 3D printer. 3D printing technology of the future seems, but the reality is that we are here and apparently here to stay. Today, leading companies are designing machines for 3D printing soaring costs. For now, these machines are only used for business purposes.

For example, an architect who wants to create a model of a house or building a small scale. With this printing technique, you can do, and just pressing a button. Another commercial area which also uses 3D printing is in industrial design. A designer can create the model that comes to mind in the computer and when you are satisfied with design, makes it a real 3D format.

The wonderful thing is that 3D printing allows you to view any design before their eyes. In another era, would have had to create the design on the screen and print on one sheet. This does not show the whole picture. Even if you create an existing picture from every angle would be quite difficult to unite all parties. Would have to create a model from scratch or have someone else do it for you. Not comparable at all to press a button and let the machine create the 3D model for you. So, how will expand this? \”In the future, we can print 3D models and figures in our homes? The reality is that these printers seem to be adapted for domestic use in the future. For the moment, professionals who can afford these machines are the ones who give daily use.

Soon we also expect schools to join. In addition, if more popular, it is likely that the price drop. When this happens, 3D printers will begin to enter more and more households. The dot matrix printer paved the way for the laser printer, similarly, it seems that the 3D printer is the next on the list. Can you imagine thinking about a figure and then print in 3D? This technology is useful in countless ways, and will be fascinating to witness the uses to be discovered in coming years. Bachelor of Journalism for three years. Write in numbers with new technologies and new technological products associated with big brands.

Camera Frames

July 23, 2014


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This picture looks strange in stop-frame and very uncomfortable in the computer processing in the manufacture of complex special effects. But if the frequency following training is equal to 25 Hz in pal, secam, and almost 30 Hz in ntsc, then the frequency of the fields twice and is already 50 and 60 Hz respectively. Increasing the frequency leads to the fact that movement on the screen looks more smoothly, without jerks. This is especially benefit significantly when moving high-contrast objects and panning. Restrictions on the rate of rotation of the camera in the cinema (where the shots replace each other with a frequency of 24 Hz) interlaced video can be painlessly than doubled.

Increased aversion to interlace may be due to several reasons. Video production: if the 3D-animation need only tick the box 'to fields' before final rendering, the two-dimensional animations have been drawing for each second for 50 frames and then assemble them into 25, using only the odd lines of odd frames and even-numbered lines – even. complicated. For 'fair' interlaced video source material must be removed at 50 full frames per second, not everyone can – even a professional – the camera. Proceed as in the case of 2D-animation. But usually come easier: either remove the 25p (progressive scan, video cameras are much more common than 50p), or treated with interlaced video filters 'de-interlace', which, however, reduces vertical sharpness twice. Transfer video: video compression algorithms are very sensitive to a large number of small elements in the image and the horizontal notch edges of moving objects have a thickness of just one line.

Solid State Lighting

July 18, 2014


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By 2003 data, the cost of white LEDs (expressed in lumens – unit of luminous flux) is 300 times greater than the cost of incandescent bulbs! Of course, the massive use of expensive lighting devices is somewhat unrealistic, Even if we consider that the life of the led (about 50 000 hours), ten times more than incandescent bulbs. The more so because of the efficiency of white LEDs are now only two times higher than incandescent lamps and even do not reach fluorescent light. But progress is inexorable. Production of super-bright LEDs increases by 30-40% per year (by the way, 50% of the market accounted for backlighting screens for various electronic devices). Respectively, are growing and the cost of research and development. So that the efficiency of LEDs will continue to grow, and the price per unit of luminous flux – to plummet. She was already falling by about 10 times every 10 years. Moderately optimistic forecasts promise that by 2020, semiconductor light sources come in most homes. Incidentally, the Moscow government did not wait for 2020 and adopted a medium term target program \”Energy efficient lighting based on led technology \”for 2004-2006.

According to this program are encouraged to use LEDs in the test construction, housing and other areas. For example, the led lights will be installed in underground crossings, entrances, elevators on floors, that is, where do not need more light, but it requires minimal maintenance and cost, as well as high Antivandal. Needless to say that the U.S. operates a similar national program Solid State Lighting (Solid state lighting\”). Good to know that the appearance of the LEDs had a hand in our compatriots. Physical phenomenon, which relies on the led, first observed by O. Losev in Novgorod in 1923. Modern LEDs represent a heterostructure, ie, layers of different semiconductor materials grown on top of each other and have a common crystal lattice. And the first heterostructure created zi Alferov, in 1960, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 2000. Today our success in this area, however, is very modest, but nevertheless, we note that Moscow once the world\’s first city with a massive use of led traffic lights, installing thousands of such lights to its 850-year anniversary. Of course, they were made from imported light-emitting diodes, but now in Russia are made super-bright LEDs. But again the main component of a white led (semiconductor structure consisting of gallium nitride and indium) comes from abroad, since cultivation of these structures – a very delicate process and requires expensive equipment, which in Russia yet. What awaits in the future the industry – time will tell.


July 2, 2014


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II Conference on implementation of Marketing strategies and sales SE conclude the 17 of February from 9: 00 to 14: 00 in the INCUBATOR PROMALAGA r & d PROMALAGA, with the collaboration of the Empresaaccion MK, have the pleasure to invite you to attend lasII Conference on implementation of Marketing strategies and Ventasy to the development of Marketing audit for the participating companies. The idea of the Conference arises from the need identified in entrepreneurs and owners about their training needs in the different sections that comprise the company but more specifically in paragraph of marketing and commercial. Particularly aimed at entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with difficulty to commercially offer its products and services in the market. Inside the days will resolve particular doubts about marketing and sales of the participants who are sent in the form of inscription (which can be requested via mail) La Jornada will be divided into 3 phases: 1st: training in implementation of marketing and sales techniques. Theoretical and practical course on sales and implementation of marketing where you will develop the following sections: 1. introduction of marketinga. Basic principles of the marketingb. Marketing in the empresac plan.

Case studies and recomendacionesd. Usefulness of the plan of marketing 2. Theoretical training in techniques of ventasa. Arrange citasb. How to make the visit comercialc. How to close a sale.

2Nd: audit of marketing and resolution of dudasEstudio and analysis of the starting situation of enterprises in the development of actions and marketing actions. 3Rd: custom FinalInforme report delivery on the starting situation detected in the project and development of points of improvement on implementation of marketing.Particular doubts about marketing and sales for participants that are sent in the registration form will be resolved within days. Will take place on Thursday, February 17 in the facilities of r & d Promalaga, C / La Gitanilla 17 (Pol. Ind. Santa Cruz) from 9: 00 to 14: 00 hours, and the price of the workshop is 10. Any questions, you can write to the email: seats are limited.

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