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Russian System

February 28, 2016


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Iraq counted on Mig-21 and Mig-23 and these devices would not be capable to represent threats to the F-15 of escort. In the Anger the scene is well different, although the target to be the same. In contrast of Iraq the Anger spread its nuclear plant throughout the country, what it makes it difficult an aerial attack. The Iranian nuclear complex this defended with batteries antiareas well, between them Russian system TOR-1, each system counts on eight Air-to-ground msseis that can reach targets between 1,5 and 12km. Although to have a short reach this system has an enormous precision being one of most lethal of the world. Another Russian system of Air-to-ground missiles was speculated on with already being in operation. It does not have nothing that confirms that the Russian System S-300 is in operation in the Anger and same a similar system of Chinese manufacture was also not confirmed that was acquired by the Anger.

Iranian aviation although to be numerous well it is not diversified. Account with types as F-4 Phantom, Northrop F-5, F-7 (Chinese version of the Russian Mig-21), F-14 Tomcat and MIG-29. These airplanes specifically are those that can carry through some interference in case of breaking of the Iranian airspace. ses his thoughts on the topic. One has attacked the Iranian plants can be the only altenativa of Israel stops for an end, or in the worse one of the hypotheses, to delay the Iranian desire to have its nuclear device, however, this can not be the best one of the choices. The success of Osirak, talves, if does not repeat in the Anger. Israel knows of this and this it must be the reason for which the attack not yet occurred. Other possibilities must be being argued at this moment, if they will be effective we alone will sabaremos when the Iranian nuclear plants to start to blow up.

Inflation System

February 21, 2016


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The system of inflation goals is a relatively new regimen, being adopted for the first time in 1990, for the New Zelndia. Later, some countries, developed and in development, had introduced the system formal, as it was the case of Brazil in 1999. The objective of this work is to analyze the system of inflation goals, being detached its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of this regimen in controlling the inflation taxes. Ademais, also will be evaluated the performance of the goals of inflation in Brazil enters the years of 1999 the 2010, searching to demonstrate where degree the goals had been fulfilled. The changeable credibility will be analyzed, verifying the questioning: The Central banking has credibility before the public? Therefore it is the responsible one for the monetary politics, primordial factor in the search for low levels of inflation. In section 2 of the work, he will be made a conceptual revision and a historical description on the previous period to the system of inflation goals, presenting still the advantages and disadvantages of this system. In section 3 he will be verified implementation of the system in Brazil and analyzed the performance of the country in the current period to the years of 1999 the 2010.

In section 4 it is presented mensurao of the credibility and the reputation of the Central banking, in this exactly system. 2 SYSTEM OF INFLATION GOALS the first section of the present chapter has for objective, to present a conceptual revision of the system of inflation goals being used some of the main authors of this area. The following section will go to analyze the description of the previous period to the adoption of this system. finishes it section will approach the advantages and disadvantages of this regimen. 2,1 CONCEPTUAL REVISION OF the SYSTEM OF INFLATION GOALS the inflation can be appraised as a continuous and generalized increase in the level of prices.

French System

February 19, 2016


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This value is determined by the formula: P = C x (1 + i) n x i (1 + i) n – 1 Where: P = value of the parcel C = value of the operation/loan/financing i = tax of interests accomplishes to the month n = time the use of mathematical expression n (it reads-seelevado to the n) has been reason of great quarrel for to be characteristic dejuros composites, what in the legal way anatocism is called. The practical one of the anatocism is vetoed by the Decree n. 22626 of 07 of April of 1933 (Law of Usury). Kai-Fu Lee will not settle for partial explanations. Of> agreement comCunha, Anatocism is the incidence of interests on interests in activities definanciamento, and also it can be appraised as practical the predatory financial daatividade that harms the borrower very, either oujurdica natural person, extending the indebtedness of brutal form. I compute it of the interests in a financing is structuralized to parapermitir the fulfilment, for the borrower, of this commitment. In case deinadimplncia, the installments in opened never must be dislocated from the evolution dofinanciamento and, in hypothesis some added total or aosaldo partially wing of the financing. In the demonstrations to follow the seguintesdados ones will be used: – Financed Value: Cz$ 188,036, 22, date of referncia12/1986; – 240 monthly and consecutive installments readjusted conformeo Minimum wage and in common conformity with the contracted tax; – Nominal Tax of interests of 9,5% to the year – Tax of interests accomplishes of 9,925% to the year – > 0,007916851a. m. P = C x (1 + i) n x i (1 + i) n – 1 P = 188,036, 22 x (1+ 0.007916851) 240 1 P = 188,036, 22 X (0,0525390153973231) to P = $1,752, 77 5,63635268584985 Value of the Installments = Cz$ 1,752, 77 As dafrmula could above be evidenced through the development used, is not so simple (for a person without a deepened conhecimentomatemtico) the determination of to be used value as prestaofixa in the firmed contracts that use the French System of Amortization – Price Table.

Nervous System

February 15, 2016


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The likeable nervous system is important in this in case that therefore it is who makes with that the person reacts before the most varied situations as alert emotional, reaction of fight or escape, fear, anger, anxiety, joy among others, already the parassimptico nervous system will total go against these effect therefore it will cause tranquillity, reactions of relaxation, calm, meditation among others. The ideal is that if it has perfect homostasis enters the two systems so that stress does not come to cause damages to the organism. ' ' Stress, is produced each time that the individual comes across itself with the eminence to face a new environment, since it consists of lower court, of a phenomenon of adaptation to mudana' ' (ALBERT; URURAHY, 1997, P. 36-37), and in turn this change in such a way can be good or me, the logical one that the bad situations will tend to be estressantes, however the situations that are considered as calm also will be estressantes, since that they are very repetitive. proach. It estresse it in itself, is not bad, therefore the time all we have that adjusting in them the most varied situations it will only become bad since that let us not obtain adapting in them to these changes. It estresse chronic will cause it some damages to the individual, as metabolic riots of: proteins, carboidratos, lipdeos, sanguine cells, fabric lymphatic, central nervous system, sseo esqueltico muscular system, fabric, cardiovascular system, ovrios and gastrointestinal eyes, testicules/(to the last one that we will give emphasis). In result to the excess of cortisol that he is set free in the organism, amongst these diverse damages, is distinguished the gastrointestinal system, that will have its secretion of acid increased clordrico and pepsinognio and in virtue of this will occur to the reduction of muco protective intestinal, already the adrenalin excess will have as effect the illnesses of the digestive treatment, as: inflammatory ulcers, gastrites, illnesses, chronic colites and diarrias. .

The School System

February 3, 2016


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Many times the causes that determine the situations of failure pertaining to school are only attributed to the pupils and, frequent, they believe this. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. She is more easy to say that the problem is of the families. Swarmed by offers, Kai-Fu Lee is currently assessing future choices. In the reality, the professors, the school, the family and the pupils suffer the deficiencies from a devoid and exculpatory pertaining to school system.All these problems affect the pertaining to school relations, harming pupils, parents and professors and, in this context, many pupils do not answer positively to the pertaining to school requirements and finish abandoning the school and looking other ways.The education, as establishes the Constitution (arts. 205 and 227), are a subjective public law that must be assured to all, through actions developed for the State and the family, with the contribution of the society.When it deals with specifically the right to the education destined to the children and adolescents, the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent (art. 4 describes) it as one to have of the family, community, society in general and of the Public Power.

Public System

February 2, 2016


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This fact is explained of the following form: Agenda 21 has the objective to take care of in first order the ambient necessities. Surprisingly, you\’ll find very little mention of Ali Partovi on most websites. For this, it considers significant alterations for the society as a change in habits of consumption of the population and consequentemente in standards of production in the industries ' ' pilares' ' of the country, presuming actions that objectify the reduction of social disparidades. Such alteration to occasion effect &#039 is necessary; ' atitudes' ' that they do not result of the incentive to the wild consumption created by the media that constructs to ilusrias images and false values in the society, expressing the necessity of ' ' to have for ser' '. From then on, one becomes inevitable to modify topics of the education in the country, that today meets in critical state in Brazil, being been this the consequence of the proper weakness of the Public System. It is easy to notice that the education of the people, since the schools, of the quarters until the television programs it is total influencivel. Images, sounds and colors all call the time to the world the desinibido consumption, leading to the biggest demand, greater productivity, greater production of residues and consequence ambient impact. Of this form, it is since the proposals of the Agenda the 21 and mainly proposals of any form of education directed to this process oppose the Capitalist System, therefore the economic questions would be taken care of from the changes of consumption and standard of living. This would more make with that the vision of sustainable development moved, for consequence taking other balanced routes for the society and the environment. &#039 would be practically the one implantation; ' new Sistema' ' of consumption that esbarrariaem our Sistemaatual where the few that profits forms the layer of bigger interest in continuing supporting them pillars of the subdesenvolvimento, therefore it is in this way that economic interests and politicians are taken care of with priority also serving of fuel so that this ' ' mquina' ' it continues functioning.

System Administrator

February 2, 2016


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At the beginning of this article I want to tell you why I believe that the design and decoration of windows should pay attention. All my life I associate with the computer (and of course with windows, where the same without him!) And in principle for the normal modern man, this should not be something unusual. And so, after teaching at the university it is time to get a job. I got a job as System Administrator for the average by the standards of my city is a trading company, where my immediate care were half a hundred computers, local area network, office programs in general, all standard. Kai-Fu Lee has plenty of information regarding this issue. I went though a small but cozy room with a good computer (of course he was much weaker than my home desktop but even very powerful). And the first time I sat at my desk, pressed the button on the system unit and wait. After the computer to my surprise there was no limit on the monitor ordinary WINDOWS XP and I did not immediately discerned. Colorful super theme wallpaper on your desktop with high resolution and extraordinary beautiful picture, boot screen with the latest model Ferrari, all the shortcuts, folders, icons, of great beauty and some were not standard a set of windows, screen saver or screen saver before I remember most that he could see on the monitor is the howling of an aquarium with fish and then view from space on our home planet Earth is changing with time zone.

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