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International Economic Forum

October 21, 2016


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Comparative advantage means that skill, resource, knowledge, attributes, etc.., That provides an enterprise, without its competitors and makes it possible to obtain yields greater than these. \” We added Perez, who for Porter, in his article \”How Competitive Forces will shape the Strategy, that advantage has to do basically with the value a company is able to create for its buyers that exceeds the cost of the company to create it. Competitiveness is a relative concept, shows the comparative position of the system (firms, sectors, countries) using the same reference measurement. We can say that is a concept in development, not finished and subject to many interpretations and ways of measurement.

Depending on the extent to which they belong organizational systems will be used to measure different indicators. Definitely, the competition is not only the ability of a company to compete successfully in global markets, a concept that has been used worldwide since several years ago, and has come to take more boost when Michael Porter published his book in 1980 called \”Competitive Strategy.\” From there the boom of competitiveness has reached extraordinary levels, to the extent that there has worldwide two institutions (The National Institute for Management Development and International Economic Forum) dedicated to deliver an annual report which measures the competitiveness ranking of countries, whose main objective is in proportion to the political and business leaders a simple tool to analyze situations and formulate strategies, and also for identifying the strengths and weaknesses each of the countries studied.


October 5, 2016


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Atomic-electronic analysis shows that the crate the brain that something is broken, and skull bone plates – just went in different directions. It is perhaps only an increase in brain volume, which in turn soybeans, is possible only when freezing. Version of what the soldiers just pozamerzali, scientists reject as human bodies, have been the natural decay after the cessation of its activity. In short, death occurs due to rupture of the cranium, due to increase in the brain, presumably due to its rapid freezing. We must note one more fact. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. The corpses of the dead or killed in action, always, with honors, were burned.

And found the remains were clearly dumping, and, near the dead were found scraps of leather, with a painted rune Isa. I want to describe another archaeological finds, which introduced the scientists in utter bewilderment. We are talking about the strange burial, a young woman who obviously did not belong to the Scandinavian nation. Rather, it was brought from another location, presumably from the east, as its skull and skeleton, have signs of Mongoloid race. This may explain the way to her burial. In the burial pit next to the dead, was found a bunch of thin stone plitochek on which were carved inscriptions and drawings. They were told that a young princess, the wife of a rich gentleman, could not have a baby, more two years. When his wife asked the shaman, and he spent the divine ritual with rune Berkano and rune Roinz (it should be noted that this rune is little known and used only by experienced runologami and palmistry), the woman safely became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful heir.

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