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Latin America Business

March 21, 2019


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99.9% of the networkers do not earn enough money online, are failing to… They fail because they don’t know the 3 unique secrets that allowed me to earn $ 10,000/month to the 6th month of search make money online Juan Lopez: Major leader Latino Network. Technology investor brings even more insight to the discussion. Greetings my friends of Juan Manuel Lopez. About 2 years ago I lost my business of importation of meat, used to having good income and life that goes with them, from one day to the other, I woke up without work, without income, with debts exceeding $600,000. I joined the multilevel (MLM) business and 8 months my results were more than disastrous, I had no network, my friends already not answered me the phone, he had spent most of what you entered, in short, was still unemployed, comiendome houses, cars and watches that I had to sell to survive.

It was depressing, my self-esteem on the floor, very sad. But, beware, I was completely and utterly determined to generate an income above what it was, so I stopped duplicate to my line up and I started studying like crazy to the true industry billionaires, gurus, who earn millions of dollars annually on line. And in the process I discovered 3 unique secrets that allowed me in very few months out of the pit and make money on the internet, even more than what he earned with my meat importer. I saw that there were many latinos trying to make money online, but few, very few, too few are able to generate income greater than $10,000 monthly. And the 3 secrets that I have for you are: 1) regardless if you are in MLM or a traditional business, the business must do online, there are oceans of people and oceans of money, ready to buy the product you want to offer and ready to create a network that will generate you residual income for many years. (2) You have to become a leader, you don’t sell your company’s products, you are selling you as a leader. If you really want to be successful and that your business last long time with little maintenance effort, you must converirte leader.

The leader is that people by nature are still, the leader is which gives them a value, which makes them his way, simplifies them their lives and teaches them, so that you have to achieve to be a leader, be full of leadership. (3) Marketing (Mercadotecnia), must know how to make the people you buy, you are interested in you and your products. All hate that we sell, but we all love to buy, so already it stops selling and better get that people want you to buy. With all this said, go to the box of to the side, fill out your information and in moments you will receive an email mine with very valuable information on how to make money online easy, fast and easily. The information is free. In Latin America nobody shares this information, so remember: 1) the network business is done on line 2) you must become leader 3) you need to know marketing (Marketing) now go to the box to the side and you can learn how to detail these three secrets, just fill out your information and you speak in a few moments.

The Consecration Of Science

March 21, 2019


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If you recall the time when “science” is consecrated as a science, ie the work of Galileo, and rethink its objective meaning, we realize that all this was not exactly science, say it was a kind of “Science Fiction I,” considering that I go back several thousand years into the past where people had no other to speculate using your reason, no experimental verification or justification. This reasoning has evolved to the “Kaizen”, forming different periods in thinking that marked the way to pure science. Then this thought rational to diminish the objectivity, the strict experimental verification. What was once a futuristic trends imagination had become a mere imagination everyday imagination had expired, in general terms. But this beautiful task (imagination and scientific speculation) was not weightless, but fell in the field of literature, through the radio and from there to the movies … the whole process. Just take a look at “The Rings of Saturn” in which Asimov speaks of Salto, a leap into hyperspace, where a differential of time “to travel” thousands of millions of light years in your galactic spacecraft.

This task, dear reader, you may have noticed that we cosmological shows a vague definition: wormholes. The story mentions neutralizers to counteract gravity and gravitational fields strong proton micro-reactors to accelerate the spacecraft. What is surprising is that the story was published a year before the Ye-1 (first spacecraft to leave the land) would be directed into space. And now comes the question what would they think of people who lived in ancient times to meet with current technology and society today? Well, imagine that I’m going with my time machine is not “so far”, say that I look to Newton, and I will bring forth. The truth, and yes I honest, I have the whitest idea of what would happen on his mind.

Kaspersky Lab Attacker

March 17, 2019


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The Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software developer explains what are the famous vulnerabilities and why they are considered best friends from hackers. The concept of vulnerability is often mentioned in connection with the security of computers in different contexts. The term vulnerability refers to the violation of a security policy. This may be due to inadequate safety rules or problems and errors within the same program. Theoretically, all computer systems have vulnerabilities that may or not be used by a hacker to cause damage to the system. To avoid this, it is important to have installed an antivirus software and computer security. Clearly defining the concept of vulnerability is not easy.

According to MITRE, a group of research and development founded in United States, which focuses on the analysis and the solution of critical security situations, a vulnerability can be defined thus: … A universal vulnerability is a State in a system of computers or a group of systems: allows an attacker to execute commands as another user allows an attacker to have access to restricted data enables that an attacker to pose as another entity allows an attacker to conduct a denial of service. When an attack is made possible by a weakness or an inappropriate security policy, is best described as exposure instead of vulnerability. One of the new anti-virus software already has the ability to defend the user these potential threats proactively. But what is an exhibition? An exhibition is a State in a system of computers (or group of systems) that is not a universal vulnerability, but: allows an attacker to gather information on the activities of the system allows an attacker conceals its activities includes a function that behaves as expected, but can be easily put in danger is a primary point of entry that an attacker may attempt to use to gain access to the system or data. It is considered a problem according to some reasonable security policy.

Usually, intruders first perform a scan or routine research and gather data exposed. They then exploit the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of a program. For this reason, vulnerabilities and exposures are important aspects that must be considered when ensures a system against unauthorized access. Don’t forget to install a good anti-virus software to be protected against intruders and exploiters of vulnerabilities.

Gunther Wolf

March 11, 2019


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The measurement criteria for target agreements are suitable to “soft” topics, learn the participants in the seminar in Hamburg. The Hamburg-based leadership training is aimed at executives of all levels who want to pave the way to achieving the goals of their employees through the use of appropriate measurement criteria and verify this objectively. Leadership training in Hamburg the participating executives to take a range of appropriate measurement criteria and checklists to prepare and perform goal – and target achievement discussions from the leadership training. Learn more at this site: Robert Bakish. Each participant has the opportunity to develop meaningful targets for the upcoming target agreement discussions and to find appropriate measurement criteria. So come the participants from the Leadership training with already prepared documents for their target agreement calls out. In the leadership training, there is also the opportunity to practice target agreement discussions an offer not only junior managers are happy to take advantage. Date for the training in Hamburg the experience shows that all participants greatly benefit from the exchange of ideas with the objective experts Gunther Wolf and the other training participants.

Executives from Hamburg and the surrounding area who want to refresh their expertise around the topic of agreement on objectives and targets, should reserve in mid-August a day. The leadership training is held at the 14.08.2013 in Hamburg-Altona. For Northern Germany the Hamburger date is the last this year, so those interested are requested in time log on. Sequence dates in autumn 2013 due to the great demand, the Organizer, the Hamburger Dashofer Academy, more dates in the program included. Interested parties from Bayern have the possibility To attend leadership training at the 10.09.2013 in Munich or at the 16.12.2013 in Nuremberg, Germany. Executives from the Rhineland can either participate in leadership training at the 17.09.2013 in Cologne or the 08.10.2013 in Dusseldorf. For more information about the content and process of the leadership training and the registration get interested in the competence center variable remuneration. Links: – managers training seminar Description: objectives agree – further seminars and leadership training on the subject of target agreement

Michael Wuscher

March 9, 2019


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Sensual interplay of water, fire, light and darkness Berlin, 29.04.2013 – after a spectacular world premiere of Aquanario in the summer in Berlin, has Europe’s largest mobile water spectacle on the 26th and 27th of July for the first time in the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt am Main. Guests experience a perfectly staged show, if the elements of fire and water as well as light and darkness in a drama together. “On a 420 sqm large screen, consisting of millions of water droplets, a choreography by water fountains, laser and pyrotechnic items, as well as music and film sequences, becomes the word dance” give a new meaning. The story of the water with music and poetry, but also quiet tones, is supported by a State of the art sound system tells. About 500,000 liters of water per show are used. Of short term up to 4,000 litres be moved at the same time in mid-air. More than 600 different water pictures project high-tech projectors on the water screen.

Viewers experience 90 minutes an attraction in the future also in other major cities of the world, such as for example Beijing in October 2013, will play. The great interest and the success of Aquanario show me, that my idea of such an event in Germany to start was right. I am especially pleased with the brisk demand from abroad, this show also take place to leave “, as Michael Wuscher, organizer of Aquanario. This water show the Know-How and skills of over 100 member team of that will show other technical highlights this year behind. In a week building, around 300 tonnes of material processed, 15,000 meters of installed cables and wires. If you like water, you will love Aquanario.

Intake is each to 19:00, show start from about 21:00. Ticket prices: from 15,00 to 59.00 euros, plus VIP tickets from 169,00 euro, tickets are available through all known ticket agencies. Who is wants to accredited media representatives for the Preview on the evening of the 25, this happy now can under the e-Mail address: do. Photographic material is available “” “for press purposes free of charge on this server as download available, aquanario: sh/1pqtg3um07va0ut/Z7F9h7Z3yK about Aquanario : the name Aquanario” a fancy term is composed of the Latin word for water Aqua “and a part of the word possible nario”. The world premiere took place in Berlin in 2012 and attracted over 45,000 spectators right off the bat. A dramatic result from water fountains, columns of fire, laser and pyrotechnics, as well as moving images and music a show that appeals to the whole family.

News Groups

March 4, 2019


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Put this article on not less than 200 forums and news feeds (News Groups). Remember, the more you post, the higher your income and this income will be directly dependent on you. When you reach the first position, you will already impressive purse, just as the creator of the list. And now – why you win. Say, I get 200 of only 5 replies (a very low figure). So I'll make $ 5 while the 6 position in the list. Now these 5 people are doing besides the minimum 200 of my purse on the fifth position, and only 5 people answer to the first 5.

It's already $ 25. Further 25 people do 200 of my purse on the fourth line and only 5-ro respond. My income is $ 125. Now (I'm on the 3-position), these 125 people, placed and received only 5 answer give me a $ 625 profit. More – more: these 625 at least 200 to make accommodations with me 2 line and only 5-ro respond. It's – 3125 $. The most interesting thing is that these 3125 people will do more for the 200 accommodations, but if they answer only 5-po people, then I get $ 15,625.

And all this for an initial contribution of $ 6. When you are on the list anymore – you just send regular $ 6 a new number from the list, putting your purse on the second position and again place. Learn more at: Robert Bakish. Only here in Russia by 2006 the number of Internet users will increase from the current 9 million users to 21 million you without my guarantees understand that lots of people out of these millions, too, wants to become rich. Unique and necessary conditions – need to constantly communicate to them information that way, not so much difficult, however uneasily. But nowhere to go – free and at no cost – only in a mousetrap. Pitch. And do not use spam – purses block. Good luck. How can disseminate information in forums and on the Internet. 1. Open Search (or whatever) 2. Writing in a row Search phrase: Forum name a new message (without the quotes) 3. Search engine will find thousands of pages, links to which immediately leads to the form to fill out a new forum topic. 4. Name the new theme as something original, look at what topic of this forum popular – your message will be watching more often. 5. Do not forget about your friends, and send them to e-mail. 6. Bulletin board: posting a few ads out there, you can get very, very good result. The process of adding ads completely free and easy by clicking on 'Add announcement', enough to fill the required fields and click 'add'. warning! An important point! When a person begins to "wise": Do not send money, simply enter your wallets, the funds in his account is not received. Cheat the system of registration list Yandex purses extremely difficult and unprofitable. Each computer has a name. Each has passport data. Therefore, when installation of the purse is fixed computer name. And if you decide to cheat the system, you can not simply withdraw the money!

The Art Of Programming

March 3, 2019


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The algorithms is the area or science commissioned the study and elaboration of algorithms good when one decides to initiate this program computers or web pages, has an endless number of questions and many times for fear one is left beat without even testing or trying to make a script.The basis of modern computing is based on the development of algorithms, if you’re one beginner all this the algorithms, methodology, algorithms, structures of data etc etc, you sounded Chinese. This is normal when one starts, but you should know that programming is very simple once you learn to never set it forget.Even when not realize in our daily life we use much the algorithms or the algorithms look at some definitions of algorithm.It is a set of steps or finite to have a logical order or sequential instructions.It is a group of orders, steps or finite sentences that have a beginning and end and an order chronological or logical.A definition that also must meet is that of logic, a fabulous book called the essence of the programming logic gives us this definition of logic.It is the way more easy and obvious to do something an example of the use of algorithms in our lives, may be the algorithm to fry an egg or change a tire.Algorithm to fry an egg take a skillet.Take an egg.Turn on the stove.Heat the skillet.Add oil to the skillet.Break the egg Add egg to the frying pan.Wait for the egg to cook.Algorithm to change a tire.Remove spare tire.Remove the hydraulic jack.Lift the car with the cat.Remove rim ponchada.Put spare tire.Save all.As we can see in the two algorithms seem a kind of tutorial, recipe, manual, or steps to follow, because that is basically an algorithm. Connect with other leaders such as Viacom here. As we can see in our lives we use much algorithms, since when we got up we continue a series of steps to dress, eat breakfast, bathe, etc etc, even when go to work etc etc.When we develop an algorithm is very important to do so as more clear and consiso possible and without many redundancies, for example in the algorithm of fry an egg in the second step: take an egg, can be a problem, and that such eggs are already over? this is why it is necessary that the algorithm will cover all possible points even when something obvious parescalogical, coarse, or pending.We can also make the algorithm of fry an egg even longer, we can make it only 4 lines or up to 25 lines to say something… Let’s for example step 2 algorithm fry an egg.Step 2 take a 2.1 huevoSubpaso no huevosSubpaso 2.2 go buy huevosY so have done more great all programming algorithm, all languages fundamental mind are based on this, in the decision-making, execution of the steps in logical or structured order, the execution of several times the same estrucciones using loops, etc etc..

Mary Parker Follett

March 1, 2019


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But it is important to understand that competitive advantages lie just in the features of companies, nuances, and if as a result of increasing the information environment and culture we do by leveling the general prescriptions, it would be an unforgivable mistake, so each project – is unique. For example, there are customers who prefer a hard, vertical bureaucratic management style, and they offer limited horizontal communication staff, and implement them only through supervisors. In this case, we are introducing a special series of assertions that all the horizontal connections were carried out only through the superior leader. At the same time for other customers, these horizontal connections are a competitive advantage – is essential mobility, high speed decision making. Therefore, each implementation system takes into account the particular company, all the improvements include its specificity and rigidly laid on. We also have customers who continue to cooperate with us after the introduction of the system: they there are new ideas and needs, and we are implementing these suggestions. Without hesitation Robert Bakish explained all about the problem. To do this, we have our own staff of developers, programmers, project supervision and dealing with customer support. In this sense, the fact that We are the developers of this software is already our competitive advantage.

– Please tell us about the most interesting completions systems that you performed for our customers? – One of our the last major projects was the introduction of management reporting for a large federal agency. Our task was to automate the collection of reports from various parts of the agency on the implementation of variety of tasks, decisions, activities, etc. In the diagnosis of the company revealed that the existing reporting was formed by a mechanical collection of data by multiple staff members and sending them the superior organization. Disadvantages of this approach – the enormous costs of the mechanical mixing of data and dependence on the group of staff involved in data collection. We automate these operations, the load was removed from the nodal Professional and evenly distributed it to all management staff. Now all the tasks in the system were instituted, and each employee at the touch of a button generates a weekly report on their activities.

Next, the system collects all data in a centralized record of departments, offices and throughout the agency. Likewise, you can create monthly, quarterly and other reports to sort by various parameters. The result of the introduction of such a management system was reporting a significant reduction in labor costs, a stable and transparent scheme of reporting, and most importantly improving the availability and quality of information. To paraphrase one of the pioneers in the field of management and organization theory, Mary Parker Follett, one can say that the best information systems are the best, not because they are endowed with some special qualities, and because they meet the requirements of the moment. I wish all companies comply with these requirements.

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