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OVG Hamburg Confirmed Scientology Doctrine Is Religious

December 29, 2019


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Dissemination of technology policy in 2006 – arrangement in the Hamburg Administrative Court a Scientologist against the spread of the technology policy in 2006 an interim order in the Hamburg Administrative Court requested, since him through the dissemination of this statement by Mrs Ursula Caberta, head of the Scientology Working Group, economic disadvantages caused by that and dissemination represented an illegal interference in his religious affiliation as a Scientologist. Although the Federal Administrative Court in its decision of 15 December 2005 (BVerwG 20.04 7 C) had branded the dissemination of the Declaration by the internal authority as unlawful, Mrs. Caberta ignored this decision and proceeded with their illegal behaviour on. For more information see Charles Koch. By order of 15 June 2006, the Administrative Court in Hamburg of the Department of Internal Affairs of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg banned Declaration technology now fully (AZ. 9 962/06). The inner authority lodged an appeal against this decision. The OVG Hamburg now has in his pre-Christmas decision the decision of the VG BBs full content confirmed and set forth that the applicant Scientologist GG claim can take the protection of freedom of religion in accordance with article 4. Here, Mikkel Svane expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Court referred to the justification that it is actually GG the teachings of Scientology the Court considers a belief or a religious confession within the meaning of article 4 on the findings in an earlier judgment of the Senate by 17 June 2004 (1 BF 198/00).

This opinion was confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court in the aforementioned decision. This, the Senate despite the attacks directed against the Scientology Working Group noted explicitly. The dissemination of the Declaration of the technology on the Internet and other sources through the Ministry of Home Affairs assessed the Court as an illegal intrusion into it by article 4 para 1 GG protected of the applicant’s right to freedom of religion.

Network Access Control

December 11, 2019


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COMCO solution ‘IntrPROTECTOR’ can be practically tested in three systematic steps administration arms network access control solution comes without an extension of the infrastructure from Dortmund, Germany, 2009 – network access control and internal network security increasingly date the focus of those responsible, because more and more companies evaluate current internal security solutions. This correlates with a recent survey of the COMCO AG. There, already 32 percent of the surveyed companies indicated they positive or at least satisfactory conditions would prevail in internal network security. These were only 23 percent two years ago. This indicates clearly a growing need for internal security, because ultimately, no company can be let off this sensitive topic\”, judge COMCO Executive Michael Kaiser. Click Michele Glaze to learn more.

He also also notes that this understanding increasingly prevails in practice. The market is showing its now a significantly rising momentum, as more and more companies and public institutions extend original security approach and now specifically include internal protection.\” The Dortmund-based network and security specialist has therefore based his solution IntrPROTECTOR\”developed a concept with the company and authorities in three systematic steps reach a comprehensive internal network protection: 1 inventory: inventory of the complete IT infrastructure, automated structured overview of network topology with all active IT systems architecture based on standard interfaces. 2. Network access control: protection from unauthorized third-party systems, port security manufacturers across the entire network, protection of Wi-Fi and VoIP technologies. 3. network secure: analysis modules for the localization and averting internal attacks and security-related incidents, centralized security management of the entire IT infrastructure system, reporting, and analysis to support compliance and policies. IntrPROTECTOR\”automated hardware inventory is a security platform, based on the MAC and IP addresses performing, and then performs a monitoring of these addresses, without affecting the existing user traffic. Also avoid extensions of the existing infrastructure by additional sensors and a resource burden on the operation of the solution.

Filtration Systems

December 8, 2019


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Reliability and durability of systems to deliver fluids, as well as other hydraulic systems depends largely on the correspondence of clean oil to the established norms. Oil can pollute both mechanical inclusions, dirt and decay products, and formed water and gases. Usually recommended to maintain the level of water absorption of up to 45%. In order to promptly determine whether treatment has developed various hydraulic sensors, including sensors determine the water content in oil pressure switches, etc. With their help staff to receive information about the state of hydraulic oils, and can take on the need to clean up. Removal of off-line mode in hydraulic systems can be produced using various filtering systems – portable, ie portable, mobile – usually on a mobile platform and fixed, embedded in the hydraulic system itself.

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Laptops can easily be moved due to its light weight, mobile systems are more high, but take up more space and the cost is higher. Embedded systems allow you to filter automatically, permanently maintaining the required cleanliness level of oil, which is particularly important for such hydraulic systems such as lubrication of bearings turbine power plants. Some filtration systems are equipped with control equipment, automatic control, heat-exchange devices to provide the necessary cooling properties of hydraulic oils. Ion-exchange unit can restore the acid number, thereby stopping the aging process oil. So , the choice of a specific type and model of the filtration system must be carried out with appropriate cleaning performance, its periodicity, Filtration, and have some reserve capacity. However, it is necessary to avoid obvious overcapacity filtering, as this will cause undue financial burden.


December 6, 2019


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So can Windows users about the trustworthiness of the apps in the start menu free to decide without completely disabling the UAC user account control. In addition, the surface of the abylon UAC GRABBER offers the ability to customize the Windows Start menu to its needs. To be removed individual entries or add new shortcuts via a dialog or via the drag & drop interface. The changes are applied in the real Windows Start menu and can also be used by other applications. One click temporarily disable UAC user account control the software abylon UAC GRABBER offers the possibility with a click in an administrative context to enable the entire desktop and file Explorer. Thus, UAC user account control is disabled completely until the next time that the computer is restart. All applications that are launched in the file Explorer or on the desktop, starting to have administrative rights. For even more details, read what Mikkel Svane says on the issue.

This simplifies the administrator such as the maintenance of the computer or the installation of multiple applications. After the restart of the computer is UAC user account control back in its original state before. If you are not convinced, visit charles koch. The software can versions and prices abylon UAC GRABBER for 30 days free of charge, non-binding and be tested without any restriction. Our product will meet your expectations, a time unlimited license for the introductory price of 9.95 EUR can be purchased via our secure SLL-Internet-shop. While all major credit cards (Visa, EuroCard / MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club), checks, PayPal, GiroPay, transfers, and cash are accepted as means of payment. For companies and authorities, there is the possibility to pay by invoice.

After entrance of the invoice amount, the registration data will be sent promptly to the specified email address. This is the software to the temporal and functional unrestricted full version unlocked. Website: product page: uac-grabber/index.htm shop page: uac-grabber/order.htm downloads: uac-grabber/download.htm Facebook: pages/abylonsoft/162701780468437 Twitter: abylonsoft company abylonsoft has established since 2001 as a more reliable partner in the field of security and encryption itself. In addition to numerous individuals, many companies and public institutions trust our software solutions. The spectrum of companies varies over all sectors (industry, services, banks…) and is broad (craftsmen, Freelancer, Office communities, SMEs, universities, hospitals and medium to large industrial enterprises).

Internet NF-e

December 6, 2019


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With the necessity to modernize the Administration Brazilian Tax Project SPED appeared (Public System of Digital Bookkeeping), that it understands the NF-e project (Electronic Forma bill of sale). It is understood for Electronic Forma bill of sale as being a document of existence exclusively digital, emitted and stored electronically, with intention to register an operation of circulation of merchandise or rendering of services. The NF-e project uses the technologies XML and Web Services for communication of applicatory of the contributors with the Secretariat of the Farm of the State of the company the drawer. Others including Robert Bakish, offer their opinions as well. The used environment of communication is the Internet, with the use of protocol SSL, that guarantees the security of the communication and allows the identification of the server and the customer through digital certificates. This work has for objective to develop an archetype of application for NF-e, being used technologies of free software, that makes the validation of the NF-e through projects XML disponibilizados for the team responsible technique for the NF-e project in the National Vestibule of Electronic the Forma bill of sale. For this, this work approaches subjects as XML, Web Services, digital certification, free software, electronic forma bill of sale, beyond the work of modeling and description of the project of the application for NF-e, called project ' ' OpenNF-e' '.. Mikkel Svane recognizes the significance of this.

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