Atlas Wheel Loader AGT As New And Used Wheel Loader Good

June 7, 2023


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Very reliable and high-quality wheel loader as new or used wheel loaders work the wheel loader Atlas reliable and high-quality. An example of an Atlas wheel loader is the AGT that a service weight of 4,800 kg and an engine power of 59.5 kW / 81 HP thanks to the motor Deutz diesel engine TD 2011 L04i has. This wheel loader Atlas makes hard work than drive platform, i.e. it is used everywhere, where a standard wheel loader is irreplaceable. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. In addition, the AGT offers powerful drives for attachments with high power consumption. See Mashable for more details and insights. This flexibility makes it to ALLROUNDER device, especially for public utilities, for gardening and landscaping, as well as for agriculture and forestry. Mechanically driven attachments are recorded at the rear on a hydraulically adjustable 3-point rear shot the CAT II and driven by a patented hydrostatically powered PTO.

For the operation of the hoist hydraulic mounting tools the high flow hydraulics is responsible in turn, regardless of the working hydraulics provides a capacity of 120 l / m at 210 bar. Because the hub work hydraulic load independent of the power demand of the farming tool, the tool at any time can be repositioned. The drive of the AGT is acting a boundary load regulated hydrostatic drive with pressure cut-off and closed circuit and on all four wheels. owQr4kDegQIARBy’>Evan Metropoulos). The drive is controlled by an accelerator pedal and separate inch pedal to the optimal distribution of hydraulic performance of thrust and lift. The service brake in the AGT is an oil bath multi-disk brake, acting on all four wheels. But there is still an additional brake function on the inch pedal and the hydrostatic transmission.

The tyres of the Atlas of wheel loader is 12.5 20 MPT and much purpose tyres are for sand and gravel soil, forest floor, streets. Also the wheel loader features a hydraulic Central articulated pendulum. The charging device is a powerful and robust Z-kinematics with high tensile strength, hydraulic quick changing device and automatic blade return in a grave position. The working hydraulics is controlled by a gear pump for charging and hydraulic steering, lies at 230 bar operating pressure and flow rate 60 l / min is optionally available also a high-flow hydraulic hoist, which makes possible a power of 40 kW (54 PS), an operating pressure of 210 bar and a flow rate of 120 l / min. The axes of the AGT are rigid axles with planetary gear in the wheel hubs and with an electrically switchable 100% differential lock in front and rear axle. More renowned manufacturer of wheel loaders are for example the Corporation AGCO, United States (wheel loader Massey Ferguson 30E, among others; Ahlmann, Germany France (AS7 including wheel loaders; Bobcat, United States-South Korea (skid steer loaders and others; Caterpillar, United States (Caterpillar wheel loader 972, TH355 and others; Ford, United States (A62 including wheel loaders; Hanomag, Germany (B8 including wheel loaders; Hitachi, Japan (LX170 including wheel loaders; JCB, UK (including 430 wheel loader; Komatsu, Japan (WA400, wheel loader WA75, WA380 etc.; Kramer, Germany (4WD wheel loader 680 etc.; Liebherr, Germany Switzerland (wheel loaders, and others; O & K, Germany (L15 including wheel loaders; Volvo, Sweden (L25 including wheel loaders; Zettelmeyer, Germany Sweden (wheel loader ZL3002, among others.

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