Black Friday

July 20, 2023


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Another Black Friday (and is already making custom) Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 28, 2009 Black Friday for the American economy. Black Friday for world markets. Black panorama without a light even at a distance. Uncertainty in markets: gain for the dollar relative to the euro. Filed under: Dell. Confirmed the fact of the gross domestic product (GDP) American of the last quarter of the year.

It was no surprise that it has collapsed, but it has done so in the magnitude that did. The contraction of GDP in the U.S. If you are not convinced, visit Mikkel Svane. economy was not 3.8% as estimated in the beginning but 6.2 per cent can there be much difference between the preliminary calculation and the final? For those who are suspicious of everything, perhaps speculate the possibility that has skewed downward the estimate to give time to the Government of Obama to assume and launch economic stimulus and the financial mode system sanitation plans such that when the final data were known not interfere heavily in humor of the markets. For the rest, the American statistics are reliable, not as some countries of underdevelopment. But returning to the health of the American economy, obviously it is not in its best form.

The picture appears darker when considering the fragile health of its banking system. Use is the restoration of the system plan banking if the Treasury of the USA?UU. must you exit emergency to save one of the main entities of the financial system in a direct way? With the new intervention, the US Treasury will stay with 36% of the shares of Citigroup (NYSE:c). this, is intended to shore up the fragile basis of the institution’s capital. The value of the shares of the entity they felt the blow and fell significantly, bad news for holders of such papers. Also felt the hit American stock where the S & P500 index reached its minimum for the last twelve years.

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