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June 12, 2023


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Press release by the 31.08.2011 travel and in Asia 2012 is more individual, inspired, and sustainable. This trend is emerging at least, if you look at some new entries in the catalogues of the Asia of specialty travel supplier ID Reisewelt Asiamar. This exotic names such as Koh Talu, Raja Ampat, Selayar Iceland, song SAA emerge private floating lodge Iceland and 4 rivers. Here, there are neither Jetset, this authentic encounters with alien ways of life, unique, partially untouched nature, Jet skiing, and the request personally to do something for sustainability on travel. For this, neither the hammock, nor romance, and certainly not the opportunity to read a good book, are too short. a> or emailing the administrator. The Gulf of Thailand is known not as an insider’s tip. Samsung has much experience in this field. Exceptions to the rules we know and this is the island Talu, about 500 miles south of Bangkok.

A 10 km large island Pearl, where the colors white, turquoise and green offer a seductive interplay. Original – the romantic highlight is a torch-lit Thai dinner on the beach, where the water of the feet umspuhlt and a breathtaking sunset provides the backdrop. A nice thing is that with a stay in paradise even for the afforestation of the coral gardens of the region will be contributed actively. ID, travel world Chalet offers accommodation including meals in a beach in may 2012 from 65,-EUR / night per person in a double room. 4Rivers floating lodge in the Kong province, Southwestern of Cambodia is proof that luxury and nature-conscious, fair tourism are perfectly complementary. Twelve tent-like bungalows comfortable driving on a river and is surrounded by the sounds of nature. Thus, a magnificent panoramic view offers from large rattan bed. The construction on the use of rapidly renewable raw materials are designed and protects the environment by a private water supply and sewage system. The village population in the operating is also involved and joint projects support education and health care.

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