June 8, 2023


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What is it these attractive ammonites? Ammonites – it molluscs cephalopods, missing an incredibly long time ago, along with the dinosaurs. In our time, usually associated with fossilized ammonites Nautilus, in our days on earth, because they are largely identical with the stark ammonites. Read additional details here: altavista. Nevertheless, one day, paleontologists finally figured out that the popular ammonites probably belong to the form of squid, not Nautilus. To date, paleontologists from around the world reveal other fossils of the oldest ammonites, some of them are found in the form of small pieces, but if you are lucky, then in the form of well-survivors amazing beautiful shells of ammonites. As a result, now prehistoric ammonites are familiar to us – as an ancient clams squid, lost many centuries ago. Geologists, artists and historians, these days have the opportunity to only fantasize on the topic of what kind of real history and the emergence of the absolute extinction of these creatures. People of various nationalities living in different parts of the world have their own beliefs and legends, and their interpretation. Surprising the remains of ammonites rasstredotocheny now all over the world, and of course in different countries have different beliefs.

With respect to the known history of ammonites, there are all sorts of superstitions, which have been preserved to our days as wonderful, as are the fossilized ammonites. They called these creatures ammonites on behalf of the Egyptian god Amun, because their shape resembles a spiral horns of Amon. The ancient Egyptians and Romans in ancient times honored ammonites and believed in their magical properties.

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