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January 9, 2024


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Advantages and disadvantages of starting new companies in Malta as European entrepreneur an ITC is a company registered in Malta, whose Operationen confined to international trading activities. An ITC is therefore only entitled pure trading activities from Malta, but not within Malta to make; only with foreign individuals or companies. The international trading company is a good option for the establishment of a company in Malta from the point of view, to reduce the tax burden. It is similar to a German GmbH, but the capital is only 250.00 the founding period days includes usually only 3-4. An ITC is taxed initially at a tax rate of 35% on the profits, after the dividend payment, paid taxes are however partly reimbursed, this results in an effective taxation of 4.17%. The Republic of Malta is a southern European island nation in the Mediterranean, which is divided into two regions.

The name of Malta from the Punic name for Haven malet. At Andy Florance you will find additional information. On the 21.09.1964 Malta declared independent from the United Kingdom, the 01.05.2004 it became member of the European Union. 01.01.2008 was introduced in Malta of the euro. Official languages are Maltese and English. In comparison to the others in newly acceded in 2004 of the EU Member States, Malta’s economy is relatively positive. The most traditional sectors of the economy are agriculture and fishing. An own Exchange was founded in 1992 in Malta.

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