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June 9, 2023


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Interim management in the area of marketing and sales for IT-companies Marke.Markt.Marketing-Sales. Especially the shorter project durations, which is clearly the cheaper alternative compared to a permanent occupation are also another reason of using an interim manager. The companies benefit from an interim manager because this allows back after completing his duties at the company his expertise (expertise). An interesting article on the use of interim managers vs. permanent employees can be found also at… . The sourced Karlsruhe IT freelance marketing consulting, sale consulting and interim management, under the name of Marke.Markt.Marketing Sales.

It is focused in addition to its marketing and sale advice, to take over at IT companies interim tasks. Task-oriented or time-limited compliance is understood as interim solution management and marketing-sales tasks in your organization. This is not only said what should be done, but it is active (surgically) participated. The advantage here: Managers can quickly familiarize themselves in different companies / situations and in procedures / departments think in. The IT companies can assign time limited so interim tasks such z.B: If a planned marketing idea/concept or PR strategy and sales concept is fixed or required. Or there is a need for the implementation of individual marketing or sale items (fair planning, realization of catalog, key account management, various campaign promotions, online activities, etc.) One of the special features of Marke.Markt.Marketing-Sales.: to listen, to ask the right questions and questioning prevailing opinions.

Only the knowledge of the IT company way to the Marke.Markt.Marketing-Sales. Knowledge network and create a sound basis for creative and successful marketing sales concepts. Skillz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Marke.Markt.Marketing-Sales. provides nationwide for small – and medium-sized companies from the sectors of IT, trade and industry, support in terms of marketing advice, Sales consulting and interim management. Small or medium-sized IT companies, support your marketing / sales department from the outside wanting to get away, for example, without own marketing department or who receive practical impulses, help or time limited support (interim management) in the sector of B2B or B2C. The IT company for Marke.Markt.Marketing Sales. field-proven expertise from different marketing sales discipline will (strategic, analytical and operational), disciplines such as online and offline marketing efforts key account management, vendor relationship management, project management, marketing and sales controlling, customer relationship management (CRM), Databasemarketing, campaign management, sales promotion / promotions, PR and press work, measurement, product naming, packaging design, telemarketing or direct sales – any marketing-sales demand and bottleneck individually and under realistic conditions for the (IT-) meaningfully applied. The numerous references by Marke.Markt.Marketing-Sales. ranging from IT companies (software – and hardware industry) to production and trading company. More about the skills/references of market sales are to learn under.

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