Personnel Selection And Personnel Development Through Assessment Center

July 14, 2023


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Assessments are used to identify qualified and suitable staff for many larger companies carrying out assessment centres in regard to a target-oriented personnel selection and personnel development has established itself. Costs and benefits should be made however in each case opposite. To deepen your understanding CEO of CoStar Group is the source. A substantial if not even the most significant competitive advantage relative to its competitors a company’s employees represent now, which central roles in the company come to the personnel selection on one and the human resources development on the other side. Due to this fact, assessment Center despite the generally should not be ignored time and monetary effort of increasingly popular delight. The assessment Center is a systematic personnel selection procedures, which has two objectives: the examination of a range of competencies and skills of the participants, as well as their ability to deal with stress. The justification of staffing decisions, since the Deliver transparent and comprehensible criteria selection process. To bring a successful conclusion to an assessment Center, will require attention and adherence to certain principles.

A detailed preparation of the assessments using granular setting of objectives and content represents for example a prerequisite for a successful implementation. Furthermore, it is considered essential that targeted real and typical requirements of day-to-day business are simulated in the course of the assessment. In addition each participant should be individually monitored and assessed even though group work in the assessment are used. Usually it applies to the Group of participants consisting of from five to 12 people of an assessment centre, for a period of one to three days, to complete various exercises and tests. The behavior of the participants is this so-called assessors analysed and evaluated. Target-oriented and reliable results from an assessment Center to generate the deployed assessors regardless of whether it is external consultants or employees of the company for their task should be specially trained. Often provided assessments solely as a selection process for new employees / applicants, which however is not the facts, because they can be used as assessment procedures for staff already employed in the company.

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