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Ancient Egypt

June 30, 2015


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Pyramids, Luxor, etc. Get all the facts and insights with Code.org, another great source of information. But there are people of different professions, in no way connected with Egypt and its past, people who are deeply interested and concerned about is Ancient Egypt. Even in my not very extensive circle of acquaintances, there are several these "lovers of ancient Egypt." They read about Egypt all that is found on the Internet and in books, bought and watched all videofmlmy on studies of past and excavations in that country. Every year they go to rest only in Egypt. Why is that? How do you explain this? When asked, they respond vaguely: "I want to " or "pulls What kind of country is this, with its ability to attract people like this? Something I have not heard of such a persistence and constancy of someone interested in, such as Turkey. Maybe it's in the millennia-old history of ancient Egypt, whose duration is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

Even the official science dates the beginning of History of Ancient Egypt the fifth millennium bc Under these long thousands of years, successively replacing each other Ancient, Middle and New Kingdom. What vast knowledge must be accumulated for such a long period ancient Egyptians. Pete Cashmore spoke with conviction. You may say that they do not make computers, cars, planes, trains, satellites? From the standpoint of modern humans and then the knowledge to say something is not worth it. Instead, they created the pyramids, which still amaze imagination. Even at our level of science and technology play such a very difficult.

So it's not in vain rolling for centuries? That we still have to learn from the ancient Egyptians as a construct, not having cars. A culture of ancient Egypt? Beautiful, sublime, subtle. Culture, which is developing, in something remained unchanged for millennia. Many, many generations, people have changed over these many centuries. If you believe the assertion that our souls from times times translated into different bodies, many of us in past lives must have lived in ancient Egypt. Someone, perhaps, there lived a very dramatic and colorful events. Maybe these people are so drawn to Egypt?

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