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Trade Barrier Systems

July 30, 2018


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Barrier systems can be secured quickly and flexibly blackspots for more security on the premises with chains stands, belt bollards, barrier tapes or Absperrketten. By one blocking off dangerous areas and paths, accidents on the premises can be prevented. HEIN industrial plates GmbH, you get a huge selection of shut-off systems: from the low-cost barrier tape for construction sites marking up to high-quality shut-off products and management systems for trade fairs and showrooms. Also get price advantages in larger quantities at HEIN. Get a quote within a day! You will get all shut-off products at HEIN with a delivery time of only 1 day! Get already shut-off products ordered by 4: 00 the next day. Chain racks enable a flexible shutting off dangerous areas.

In HEIN obtained specifically for the outdoor and wet rooms, robust chain stand for electrical systems, chain stand Versions or folding chain stand for easy transport. HEIN industrial plates GmbH obtained the appropriate Absperrketten for each request. A leading source for info: Mikkel Svane. The plastic chains are easy, noiseless and also available as a long afterglow execution. Steel chains are extremely robust and resistant to corrosion. All chains are supplied according to DIN 5685.

With belt bollards, it saves time when barriers and also running paths can be set. The belt is a flexible barrier based on demand pulled out to an extended length of 2.3 m, 4 m or 5 m and allows through the 4-way cassette. The belt also on the wall can be installed by installing a wall box. On the basis of bollards is taken care of for more safety and order on the premises. Bollards are obtained to strike with practical point of impact, the concrete or screw up. Specifically for parking there are also collapsible bollards, which retracted at impact with a vehicle, to larger damage avoid. Bollards clearly separate hazardous areas with paint. Shut-off belts are excellent, long quickly and easily to block routes. With HEIN will shut-off bands in accordance with StVO, TL97 for the road or as a tried and tested design. Through the hatch of the warning, one striking warns dangerous areas or giving important instructions labeled shut-off bands. To reach a high warning effect with the reflective shut-off bands of HEIN industrial plates GmbH. With a proper shut-off rod, the shut-off bands and Absperrketten be attached easily. A shut-off bar every 5 m should be used for an optimum barrier. More information and ordering the chains stand, strap bollards, bollards, barrier tapes and Absperrketten in the online-shop of HEIN industrial plates GmbH under store /…

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