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Tools and Computer Kits

October 2, 2020


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Do you have set of tools for cleaning like miniature pliers, screwdrivers magnetized, brushes, etc. And most important: if you have sufficient knowledge in computer technology and know how and are called look all the parts laptops, you know how to disconnect from the connector loop of different types, you know, as disconnected from the CPU cooler and at least once follow this procedure, or seen as cooler and removed changing thermal paste, and if you are sure that nothing will break "with guts" and did not break anything. Based on the above, there are not many people who can make such a seemingly simple procedure Laptop cleaning yourself. Many in this situation, seek the help of friends and acquaintances. But in most cases, nothing good will come of this idea comes out. Most people at least once or clean, as usual, had seen or heard how to disassemble and clean a laptop consider themselves to be able to do this procedure with any laptop. But they do not take into account that even the laptops the same manufacturer, but different series dealt with in many ways, I'm not talking about different firms producers.

Some laptops are dealt with removal for cleaning a pair of specially made caps on the rear panel for access to the cooling system, while others must be analyzed for all smallest components, such as notebook computers hp pavilion. Therefore, people cleaned up a laptop may be completely unable to clean the other. Worse, these attempts "not to lose face since I promised to" be torn end connectors, cables, etc.

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