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The Place

May 12, 2017


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After check in they went to lunch. All were hungry, as they had breakfast very early and had only taken a snack on the plane and was nearly four o'clock. After that would address the latest property to have her delivery of the local key. With this agency had already closed because they knew internet treatment to detail and personally all the features of the place they were buying. At lunch, chatted and laughed nonstop. The enthusiasm and joy overflows. They were going to start a new path, completely unknown to the four and felt in their hearts all those illusions typical of undertaking a project in their youth thinking that will open the path of their lives.

That importance could be old! They had a plan for life and great strength and will and hope. Full confidence that had made the right decision and that this road might bring them the success that none of them had managed until then. They were eager to get their hands on the keys. Open your doors and find what would be the beginning of their new jobs. They had planned to divide the tasks and schedules, but knew that everything was subject to change depending on needs that would arise. They had made a vow to make all decisions by vote and not to object in any case the result. When there is a tie we should try to find a way to divide the options or a more detailed examination to see what could be the best.

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