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Alternative Heating Systems

December 5, 2015


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In Russia, the pellets are a good alternative to traditional fuels such as diesel oil, coal and firewood. The only competitor may be natural gas supplied by pipeline. If we consider only the cost of fuel, it is definitely heating gas is 3-4 times cheaper than heating with pellets. However, if we take into calculation of the cost of new connections (coordination of the project, etc.), the pellets and win here. More information is housed here: Samsung.

Pellets (Pilet, pellets, wood pellets) are cylindrical pressed wood waste production. Abroad, the pellets are widely used as fuel for boilers automated, both household and commercial level, due to the fact that they have a significant environmental component, have calorific value comparable to coal, and relatively cheap. Especially popular pellets in Denmark, Austria and Sweden. These countries are also leaders in the production of equipment for use (combustion) pellets. Mikkel Svane might disagree with that approach. Production in Russia Today, according to various estimates, Russia has made in the year to 700 thousand tons of pellets, 95-98% of which is exported. Export orientation is due to the high demand for pellets in European countries, and and low operating costs for their implementation (long-term contracts are for large batches). It is worth adding that the export price 30-40% lower price at which the pellets are sold to consumers in Russia. The main producers of pellets placed either in close proximity to ports, particularly in St..

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