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BLOB Island

May 7, 2022


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A very interesting and readable book with her fantasy novel the gold company succeeded young author Jana Barth. You can identify very well with the main actors. The book reads almost by itself. Once started you want to stop reading. Is curious to see how it goes on.

How Rob is the icy, unpredictable man Ivar. Without regard for fellow human beings. He exploited the naivete of some contemporaries who want to escape the reality of their current lives and lures her to his island. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. Here, he holds them like slaves and leads a strict regime. Quickly becomes aware of all, that the escape is not the reality into something new and better. One feels transported, as readers in the middle ages though the story takes place in our day and age. Add to your understanding with Darcy Stacom, New York City.

Ivar, a man, you would have to deeply hate. But the young gold cleaner Mathilda, who is chosen by Ivar to his wife forfeit him more and more. It is able to look behind its facade. Is he perhaps but not the monster that he is? Difficult relationships encounter pleasurable scenes, problems of today’s time and emotional abysses. A really great mix. Short description: Rob is annoyed by the modern world. However, he has already a plan, to the hustle and bustle, to be able to escape the congestion and stress. The creation of an own State on an uninhabited island is his solution. It doesn’t take long until he finds enough followers to carry out his project. Arrived on the island, Rob, Ivar itself henceforth called, immediately clarifies the conditions. He will be the ruler of the country. As he longs for an intellectual and emotional relationship with a woman, he finds the gold cleaner Mathilda. No woman ever had him so done, how she and he everything is doing, to win them for himself. Book data: Author Jana Barth, Publisher: BLOB-Verlag (4 March 2013), language: German, paperback: 282 pages, ISBN: 978-3-9428-8497-6, 13.80 euros next to the author information under: 1.html company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes cookbooks, children – and youth -, was born in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. You will find more information

The End Of The Family

February 10, 2015


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The End Of the Family as Conhecemos industrialization and the consumerism are the causers of the destruction of the planet, and also it is the causer of the destruction of the family, our children are reflected of this culture on the basis of the consumption. Although all our efforts, Our children are victims of this new world-wide order, and the education that it searchs to form citizens for the exercise of the citizenship and the virtues human beings, lost for the established culture only in the consumption and the individual and immediate pleasure. BDT Capital Partners contributes greatly to this topic. Most serious of this formation it is the fact of this generation not to have ideas, not to have participation politics, is a lost generation in consumptions of products that had brought the illusion of progress, illusion yes, is enough to observe that the values that really bring the material progress they are the same ones of always, lands and properties.

Products as cellular, computers, dvs and many others are the illusion of progress of the modern society, are enough to observe that it has barracos in slum quarters that possess tvs and others devices are more expensive than the barraco. What to say of the family when one thinks about the couple, today so they are seemed in its behaviors that the two the same seem to be of sex, if we fossemos definiz them through behaviors, is the end of the characterization, that is not a good thing. Industrialization and the technological progress inserted the woman in the work market, giving to this woman financial freedom, politics and social, this woman does not depend on the man to support itself, is not the educators of its children, the education of the children was terceirizada and thus we lose the familiar values also the respect for oldest for the lack of familiar bonds and still for the distanciamento that the technology left between the generations.

The Advantages Of Audiobooks

May 6, 2011


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And what a pleasure it was to sit in a comfortable chair with Bulgakov in the hands of the cold winter evenings! Finally, even the most simple, entertaining reading, relieves boredom and uplifting. But it is not always convenient use the printed editions. In today's hectic lifestyle has no place bulky volumes, and some people can not read because of vision problems. Excellent alternative to paper books are audiobooks. This audio recording reading books aloud by professional actors. Audiobook you can listen to the tape recorder, computer or portable player. Thus, the reader, or rather, the listener, get rid of the need to keep in front of the book and straining eyes.

Disappear as problems with posture, lighting, and books are available to blind people. With the audio book you are not tied to one place and can move around within earshot device. There are no obstacles in transport – wear headsets, and even in rush hour you can enjoy your favorite product, do not fear anyone interfere. Voices of the actors will breathe life into the product, making room in the theater, and you – a spectator. Audio books have many advantages over print media and almost no drawbacks. However, before opting for audio books, think – are you willing to lose pleasure of holding a fresh volume, smelling of printer's ink, listen to quiet rustling of the pages? You decide!

Electronic Books

April 3, 2011


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Despite the fact that the Internet is expanding their boundaries, there are more places of public access to the network and growing audience of users, e-books are losing their percentage of users. They continue to produce under loud names, users download them, along with other programs, but are reading less and less. Video thronging e-books, and appeared as an alternative to their version – an audio book or e-books with audio pronunciation. Of course, e-books will not disappear, as rare or foreign copies sometimes can only be found on the Internet. Even the electronic book cheaper than their brick and mortar counterparts. But, to be realistic, who needs foreign literature, which is full of references and websites in a foreign language who need rare books, if they are not popular? Record audio into the MP3 player and listen at any time is much easier than buy special devices for reading electronic books. But because of audiobooks is not so much, and they do not allow re-think, re-read the text, recently made another step in the manufacture of devices for e-book reader.

These devices mimic the real books, so the title of a book, only electronic. There are many developments in this area, there are cheaper options, a lot of talk about e-books from Sony with a very informal support in Russia, but we'll talk about the development of Ukrainian-Chinese – Lstrongook eReader. According to reports, with the beginning of production unit a success. Good quality and new technology will allow in the future to carry are all human knowledge. And the format of electronic books easier to audio and includes a bright and colorful images. Lstrongook eReade equipped with good navigation, there is an adapter to an ordinary pc and built-in MP3 player, just for reading e-books or audio for background music. The unit is very beautiful and supports many formats e-books, product builds on the authors and audio collects in a separate category.

Can not turn the pages, if you set the time to replace the image, but actually it is very difficult to predict. But reading electronic books with him, by the assurance of the founders, is also harmful for the eyes as reading ordinary books. But price 13,600 rubles – considered a second computer. So we will wait Anticrisis and mass production. And while I'm making available their e-books for free, I do not find time to make their choice for PDAs and mobile phones, but plan to make their audio version of each file and have put a text version. So, for people for all, for the sake of ideas, for the sake of life on Earth.

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