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Polish Patent Office

April 30, 2014


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Apple sued small greengrocers in Warsaw recently Apple against Samsung won. A battle at eye level, Samsung will pay out of petty cash, as soon as it is agreed in the next instances on a comparison. But that is nothing compared to a current case. Here, Apple sued a fruit and vegetable merchant in Warsaw. An unequal struggle is imminent. Apple sues in Warsaw Apple is still on a course of action and are themselves still long not only recent victory against Samsung satisfied. If you think it just the\’m large companies is tremendously wrong. Apple has now searched in Warsaw a completely defenseless opponent. More specifically, it is to a website which is operated by a small online retailer. While the trader formerly started in his apartment in Warsaw, sells not even electronic products. Rather, its products include apples and pears. Apple like Yes No apples just food that far are of the high-tech gadgetry of the Apple group. Would not be there the Internet address. A domain registered by the operator at that time without any concerns from the apartment in Warsaw was.-without evil intentions or with the idea of an infringement of online retailer secured the address A.pl. Enough for Apple to proceed against the fruit and vegetable traders.-the puzzled opened the letter of the attorneys in his apartment in Warsaw and did not know, as it happened. Also according to information of the Polish Patent Office, Apple has filed the lawsuit. Unequal fight in Warsaw moving Apple in the battle with Samsung still on par, there here a totally defenseless victim met. According to unconfirmed Apple on the holder of the e-commerce immediately crushed and not even allowed him a chance to a good agreement. As you can imagine vividly the shock, received the operator as it = the letter in his target \”_blank\” title = \”Apartment in Warsaw\” href = \”\” > apartment in Warsaw opened. Supposedly, the name would A.pl much to identical with the Apple company name. That only fruit and Vegetables will be offered, interested in Apple of less. But Apple was thorough, so the company also found an Apple icon, which is located on the side and triggered further legal action. You want just the domain? Evil tongues say that all this is just a pure pretext to get the domain without great cost. Instead of negotiating in the apartment in Warsaw to take over the domain, one could assume that Apple chose an action for a cost-effective solution. In fact, it is so that single-digit domain names easily 6-digit sums will be paid? Without it the content is considered first. It is always interesting how the dispute will end. Apple will travel with security on all weapons imaginable. The holder can be seen now only in his apartment in Warsaw and hope for a positive judgment. Samsung has lost against Apple that like suing Apple showed up recently in the procedure, which led the company to Samsung. A 9-member jury decided on one Damages of $ 1.05 billion. Many people who watched it in your apartments in Warsaw, were shocked. However, saying that this decision is first of all insignificant. Many instances are imminent. One will agree later certainly on a relatively low amount in the form of a settlement. But even such an agreement would hit hard in the current case the operators of online shops in Warsaw.

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