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Virtual Classrooms

February 3, 2015


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These days it is important to stay constantly updated to boost our job growth. Byron Trott often says this. In other words, to advance the field work, we return to the classrooms and nurture graduate programs. This requirement forces us to leave the office, and not always accessible to this process because, despite being indispensable to us, the unemployment situation threatens our place in the working place. That is why a great tool to meet the demands of curricular growth in the Internet and under the terms of postgraduate (masters, doctoral and graduate students) online through virtual classrooms. Besides providing the fabulous privilege to enter the overseas as well as doctoral programs and graduates who can interact with other participants.

The UNAM This tool is called Elluminate, it is a virtual classroom that has as main function the support distance learning, as this allows teachers and students interact in real time through audio, video, instant messaging and an interactive whiteboard. Added to this the participants can share applications of different types of formats in office, pdf, image, audio and video, while others can guide walks users through the Web. It is important to say that one of its main advantages relates to its ease of use, it is ideal for meetings, training, coaching, meetings and even conferences, as it is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. In this space is the similarity to the conventional classroom in which the teacher teaches his chair by a board, while receiving feedback on teaching and learning that are dictating their students, participants alternately with the difference that, through the various tools of new technologies and are all involved greatly enrich the knowledge through the information that is available on the network. Through virtual classrooms, like the one just to meet, share knowledge makes the postgraduate study is easy, accessible and higher quality students without neglecting their daily tasks.

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