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Microsoft Office

July 16, 2020


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Transfer the license for the os only with the pc, which was in the first set. And you want to renew agreement with Microsoft. Classification of products Microsoft. All products manufactured by Microsoft, are divided into five classes, each of them has its own licensing model. So, on what classes they are divided into: 1. Frequently altavista has said that publicly. Operating system. Click isearch to learn more. 2.

Application. 3. Server products. 4. Development tools. 5. Hardware. Let us analyze in more detail the most basic of them, and tell about their licensing model.

For operating systems and tools development has one and the same model for server products, five for the online service is only one model. Operating systems. The basic licensing model operating systems clearly regulates gold rule: one license can only install one copy on one computer, more on this license, you can not install it anywhere. Can be used simultaneously, only one user, except for remote Assistant, change the properties of the operating system is strictly prohibited, for example – install Windows xp on a Terminal Server. Complement its own os development tools changing its properties as prohibited. Desktop applications. Now, what about the licensing model for desktop applications, start with the most popular application called Microsoft Office. In Volume licensing options for each computer which you installed Office, to secure the main user. He secured the order for the company and this entitles you to install another copy on a laptop or a virtual machine. Using Microsoft Office in Terminal mode. In terminal also has a clear rule: Office and other programs are licensed only to the device.

Name of the King

July 10, 2019


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'Name of the King' – this is primarily an economic strategy and simulation. The storyline is present in very detailed form, which clearly must be to please every player. The combination of two genres (strategy and time management) makes this game appealing to a wider audience. Now keep in mind that you will need not only to think through his moves, but you will still be limited in time and resources. 'The king's name' cause your brain work hard, but be careful, as the game draws not on the charts shutku.Kasatelno no complaints. Painfully funny characters will be from the very beginning to the end of the game 'the king's name'. What to say assistant to whom you placed the His Majesty.

It should also be noted that it really comes from the substantial assistance, especially when you're playing for the first time, and yet not quite understand that so why or where. Short characters in the dialogues that appear as you progress through the levels, will bring some unloading and diversity in the process of building islands. The game is 'the king's name' for more than 90 levels, so that part with a favorite of a toy is not quickly get any. Each level is complex, the design of islands and new facilities. A variety of homes and buildings is very happy. Nine completely different areas of the island and awaken the entire Architectural potential. After all, the islands have not only built up, but also to monitor the level of happiness of the inhabitants of the islands. Sometimes, because of such little things necessary to construct additional buildings or destroy the old irrelevant. You decide! Should pay attention to something that just is not enough to pass the level. There is an expert level, for which the bonuses. Thus, the game is 'the king's name' encourages each player to self-improvement.

Computer Games

December 22, 2018


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Another long been carried out all sorts of competitions, sports and games. News about the games were distributed to the most distant lands, and everywhere were going to the best of the best that will rival the power and agility, skills various arts. From the seemingly simple throwing stones to heavy martial arts. News about games gathering crowd of interested people. For some people look at the great men was a real pleasure, and they threw all his actions and sent to the event. Others wanted to show himself, to become famous and even rich. Source: Viacom.

So it was, so it is to this day. Changed only the games themselves. Add lots of new, used, and which are not could be in the form of technological progress. For example, now young people are interested in gaming news. Where a person can become a great polkovodstvom, pulling over an army of many thousands, and a lone spy sneak to the enemy base and steal sensitive information. In computer games a person can be in a fantastic world filled with unseen beings, where there are giant trees, roaming dinosaurs, and in air flying island. Here there are no restrictions, man is given complete freedom, and lack of any responsible for the acts committed in the virtual world, and the choice is yours.

News Computer Games allow you to get acquainted with interesting innovations of the virtual world, learn about upcoming additions to the already well-known games, adding even more interesting to get involved in things that enhance the already enormous opportunities. Large selection of modern computer games allow a person to distract from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday, have fun and relax for one game that he likes. And no matter how events unfolded, they can always draw reversed otmatat time to start anew, go and experience the same feelings, pleasure, fear, or let off steam injected in the blood of another portion of adrenaline. No games, human life would not be complete, the instinct of rivalry inherent in us from birth requires the affirmation of all that surrounds us, and we can not always achieve it in real life.

Automation Platforms

March 30, 2018


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The essence of automation using the platform '1 C ': Automation of the enterprise should follow from the company's development strategy and to be effective. Each task automation should be evaluated from the perspective of Price / performance. Automation – not an end in itself and not a panacea! Its essence is as follows: – Based on the objectives and strategy of the enterprise, to business processes that require qualitative improvement rather than quantitative (often confuse these concepts). – For each selected business process, the task of automation to enhance the work process. – Estimated effect of automation tasks assessed in advance and compared with the magnitude of the costs of its implementation. – Reorganization and automation of business processes.

Automation of business: Our approach to business automation is formulated in the following theses: – The gradual automation of enterprise processes – Automation aimed initially at the more meaningful staff of the enterprise processes – accounting and control; – Involvement of the company's management in the process automation – Soft and gradual restructuring of business processes – Evolutionary development of information systems. In fact, the company is thus prepared for the development of advanced technology management and implementation of complex systems enterprise management. The company is ready to implement a comprehensive automated system, really appreciating the effect of its introduction. Likelihood of success implementing an integrated system in such a case there will be many higher than in the unprepared enterprise. The organization works at a level that requires a technological culture of documentation and action sequences, which are not always ready to personnel of the company, and this is the biggest problem in implementing such automated systems. To get the proper effect of the introduction of the system, you need to properly deliver technical problem, which collect all information and documentation the elements to be automated. And then give the experts of IT-companies that have experience implementing specialized software in the enterprise.

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