This Armani In Milan

October 30, 2023


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We are still analyzing the various proposals that designers have led towards the event of fashion week in Milan, where present has done a wide variety of styles, adapted to all profiles and tastes, despite having in common that use concepts that have been applied in the past. One of the most eagerly awaited signatures has been present, and is intermediate price of company apparel brand so Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, which has millions of buyers around the world (in Spain, has shops in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella and Valencia) always pointing toward youth and smart clients. Something repeated in the designers who appealed to the Retro fashion has been the use of dark colors in each creation, was also applied porArmani for this collection, where was applied preferentially to tight pants and other clothing that was very repeated jackets the proposal for special events, glamorous outputs and all sorts of formal events She has been starring large size clothing, since the creation of bags long up to the combination degabardinas, which alternates between classic dark colors (and other lighter, but always in grayscale) and between light colors but by no means extravagant, always staying in a classic and traditional style of signature. Learn more at this site: Andy Florance. Coats for winter 2011 being proposed in large, reaching beyond the knee, reaffirming the use of old concepts that are always in fashion, as the cross-raincoats that are combined with accessories such as different shades leather gloves. Original author and source of the article

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