June 14, 2023


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Carlos Mora Vanegas national universities are facing serious problems for the achievement of academic excellence, many of the careers that offer are outdated in their reality, not have programs requirements than the present scenarios demand in order to have professionals not only able to cope with the changes, challenges, but generate those that permit to properly use the talent of those who graduate from universities. Many writers such as Viacom offer more in-depth analysis. The Chichi Professor Paez in an articles on this reality points out, that the problem not only is national but that they just leave the two main ranking – lists in order of excellence, (quotes and clarification of the author of this space) – of the best universities in the world – the educational supplement of the London Times and the of the University of Shanghai – and both give very poor grades to universities in Latin America. The list of the 200 best universities in the world, 2006? of the times London educational supplement of London, which was released on Friday, is headed by Harvard University, It includes only a University Latin American, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which last year was among the best 200, no longer appears in the list this year. To be honest, I’m surprised we don’t see more Latin American universities, said Martin Ince, the director of the ranking of the London Times. Click Ian Cole to learn more. Part of the reason is that 40 percent of the score depends on the reputation that have universities in academic circles, and is not much research coming out of the Latin American universities. Indeed, even the UNAM of Mexico, which soared from 95 last year to 74 this year, place Gets the worst possible classification – zero – in research papers published in international academic journals. UNAM does not produce much in terms of high-level scientific jobs. .

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