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E-commerce and your Pocket

February 22, 2020


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Electronic Commerce is the trafficking of economic transactions, purchase or sale of goods and services in a flexible, fast and direct, helped by the convenience and ease of use by Internet users. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. Thus covers the issues arising from all relationships of a commercial nature, whether contractual or not, structured from the use of one or more data messages or any other similar means. The relationships of a commercial nature include, without limitation, the following transactions: any trade transaction for the supply or exchange of goods or services, distribution agreement, all operations of commercial representation or agency; all kinds of financial transactions, stock and insurance, construction works: office, engineering, licensing, all concession agreement or operation of a public service joint venture and other forms of industrial cooperation or commercial freight or passenger air, sea, rail or road. It is thus one of those things that seem very distant, almost metaphysical, the vast majority of traders, professional and industrial ITPO. However, this post-postmodern way profiting from the trade has had a spectacular growth in Latin America and around the world. According to International Data Corporation, 4.8 million users of the superhighway of information in electronic transactions in Latin America in 1998 were worth $ 167 million and projections for 2003 are 19.1 million users trading goods and services by the premeditate of $ 8 billion not counting all the gringos 62 million network users currently buy and exchange all types of goods that way. This means, in the words authentic, that within four years the trader, industrial or professional who does not “pull” in this business, is intended to simply disappear from the map.

“I have a website, therefore I am ‘is the new Cartesian formula of wealth. Our country has already begun. Proof of this is Law 527 of August 18, 1999, through which “defines and regulates the access and use of data messages, electronic commerce and digital signatures, and (sic) down and certification bodies (sic) other purposes. ” But also worth mentioning is the “new virtual business center to facilitate the entry of small businesses on the web, with low costs and limiting the technical effort that each user must perform” an initiative launched by Acopi ago about a year, located on: For all the above is necessary and that our companies begin to seriously evaluate Huila the possibility of riding in near future, commercial establishments, stores, offices and shopping malls to virtual or, by at least start their training efforts in all these areas to review, with realism, its business strategies for exploiting the great silver mine which looks for our computer screen.

Multimedia Backbone Pitfalls

November 5, 2017


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The main disadvantages, it highlights the need for substantial initial investment in equipment and facilities, the difficulty of reaching all students equally with new technologies and the effort required to upgrade the teaching staff. The key point that differentiates the new paradigm of the former is the use of computer networks, namely that it communication via computer is the heart of the system of distance learning, thereby creating a permanent vehicle for communication and have large masses of useful information for educational purposes, which may occur in any form: text, numeric, graphic, audiovisual motion, etc. The development of computer networks has been made possible by the development achieved by telecommunications, which responds in a satisfactory manner, both economically technology as the challenge of geographic dispersion. The bandwidth of transmission facilities necessary for channeling large amounts of data which involves a course, technology has increased over coaxial cable, twisted pair and fiber optics, among others. In addition, through the use of satellites is possible to cover geographic areas the size of one or more countries. The exchange of multimedia information in real time, which now allows local networks and the processing power of computers connected to them, is the basis for the development of more powerful means of interaction than those offered by teleconferencing technology. Although transmission of multimedia information in real time is primarily limited to local networks, since 1992 have been conducted and audio streams digital video over an area of the Internet with high speed connections known as MBONE (Multimedia Backbone). .

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