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Dog Training Tips

July 30, 2015


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There instead of simply to press for down in the back part of the back and forcing it to sit down – the habitual thing, it considers to place a hand and the other under its chest, smoothly, soon dile \” sintate! \” (it remembers that you do not need to shout, but to use an authority tone) at the same time as you apply a little pressure for down in the back zone and above in the zone of the chest. It awards to your dog with caresses, flatteries and some cake! when you achieve the objective. Ok already that now you will want to know like doing so that your dog remains in its site when your you become ordained it whichever times we needed that! Once you have obtained that feels, will be ready to learn to remain in its site. Like teaching a dog to a that remains in its site? It places to your dog On guard seated and recompnsalo with a cake. Now it places your hand in front of the snout of the dog (without touching it) and I gave \” Quiet! \”. It begins to back down always ahead of backs with the hand. I gave \” Well! \” if your dog stays in the site and permtele to go towards you by its reward after some seconds. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. Whenever you repeat east process successful, it increases the time interval until you obtain that your dog remains in the site by a complete minute. Always recompnsalo with its cakes, caresses and flatteries by the good work done. He is preferable to realise this training in a calm site, nevertheless you can alternate to practice it in house and a public park to reinforce that \” Quiet! \” it means to remain in the site independent of the surroundings where it receives the commando. I am Marcelo Perez, and I congratulate you by your progresses!

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