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TIPS Question

May 19, 2012


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For although the question seems simple, will be forced to find different answers, of which emerge not only more accurate, but also an excellent idea. Also, when people feel unsuccessful or dissatisfied with themselves for something they did wrong or did not do, or by a problem or situation that is bothering them, they tend to ask questions like, a yPor do everything I touch I ruin? a , a yPor do not I smart? a , a yPor do not like women a , among other examples. If instead of that question to question, a yComo I can do better? a , a yEn what topic I'm smart, or what subject I know well? a , a yQue I can do to be more attractive? a , etc. would find a solution to your problem that could transform their lives. Then you'll spend a TIPS that you can perform in front of a situation or problem that is bothering you or plane do not know what to do: 1. Analizate; take a few minutes, sit back, relax, and let the questions come to mind.

2. If the questions that come to mind do not attract any answer, or just the answers you do not get excited spring, change them until they do. 3. Once you have between 10 and 15 responses of interest you, write them on paper, some are very silly, sometimes unattainable, yet all write them down. 4.

Within the next few days looks at each of them. You can stick them in your refrigerator or somewhere where you will not be forgotten, so that you study for at least the next two days. 5. If indeed you carry out this process, little by little you will see that new thoughts and plans will emerge as even more awkward responses sprout new ideas. a ste advice is very useful for any aspect of your life, because at all times we have a problem. The key is to ask the right question (you can change or create new questions as often as necessary), because it entails a flurry of responses, then we can study and review in order to find a good solution both realistic and original , As new plans and new ideas. —————- Monttor JR.

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