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September 29, 2019


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Plastic surgery is not always been popular among both health professionals and among patients. A little earlier in medical practice, in the event of any transaction with cuts on the skin, it was considered commonplace just "sew" cut and leave to heal. Nobody even thought about how this will look like a scar after a while. Plastic surgery has become way out for many. Although there is evidence that a kind of cosmetic clinics surgery existed even in ancient Egypt.

Thus, in the case of complicated surgery, doctors began to think not only about the practical qualities and efficiency of operations, but also about the aesthetic aspects. Primitive the use of plastic surgery can be considered the very fact that during the operation with the skin incision, doctors also paid attention to how the cuts will look like after surgery. Even in 1600 years before bc Physicians of ancient Egypt with extraordinary precision suture the wounds and the cuts did look more aesthetic. Plastic surgery clinics in Moscow, began to appear officially only a few years ago, because The official Russian medicine has recognized plastic surgery as a separate line in the medicine only at the beginning of this century. However, despite this lack of qualified personnel in Russian clinics plastic surgery per se is not. Decision on the need to do plastic surgery should be the man. Every man for himself decides for himself, need it or not. On this occasion, there are many disputes and differences. Plastic surgery clinics in the first set themselves the task of helping people with their problems.

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