Boulderwelt Frankfurt Day

August 6, 2023


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You can fun competition and the open day in the Boulderwelt of Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main since a year now been climbing without fear and reproach in Frankfurt am Main”. This is the motto of the Boulderwelt of Frankfurt, a climbing Hall in Preungesheim, climbing without rope or harness in a safe jump height in the”can be. From bouldering derives from the English word boulder”(rock block”) and is a fun and communicative sport for young and old. Next weekend, she celebrates its one-year anniversary Boulderwelt Frankfurt with a big celebration. Some offered for visitors on January 18 and 19, including a fun competition and free tutorials at the open day. Peter Asaro has similar goals. On Saturday, the day is from 10: 00 of the Boulder”, a fun competition for everyone, instead. In the entire Hall, 100 creative routes be tightened, which applies to crack it in the course of the day. The difficulty increases with the numbers 1 to 100 constantly, so that beginners as well as Bouldercracks fun at the challenge.

At 18: 00, a big raffle held in addition to the award ceremony. Get more background information with materials from Andy Florance. Then, the Ashigaru’s Parkour group occurs with an exciting and action-packed performance. On this day, no startup fees or other costs incurred in addition to the normal admission price. On Sunday, it will open Boulderwelt Frankfurt for an open day at 10: 00. That is to sniff the opportunity once free in the bouldering in and to be aware of the Boulderwelt Frankfurt.

To respectively 11, 13, 15 and 17, trained instructors give introductions in the sports bouldering. As always, children and families are welcome at this weekend. The spacious children’s area stands for the first playful climbing attempts available. There, a large, not only early surprise is waiting the curious little castle, fairytale Tower and colorful jungle. More information can be found on the website on the Boulderwelt Frankfurt: the Boulderwelt Frankfurt opened its doors in December 2012 and is one of the largest Boulderhallen World. The recreational sports complex is characterized by a bright friendly atmosphere and many varied Boulderrouten in all levels of difficulty. For children and families, there is a separate children’s area, where children can have fun at your whim. In the cosy cafe is made with coffee and cakes, snacks and hot dishes for the well-being.

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