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April 7, 2024


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The primary audience of business website – prospective and existing clients of the firm or organization. More audience often includes a potential and actual investors and other interested organizations, such as media and competing firms. Commercial site used to disseminate information about products and services, provided by, and information on how communications with the firm. Commercial site (business site) can be called a site that is intended to profit by its owner through the site attract potential customers of specific target audiences. The main goal of any commercial site – service users in a way that brings the company's benefit, either directly or indirectly. Information sites pose the task of informing users in certain areas of public life (government, educational sites, news sites and sites of non-profit firms, associations, religious groups, as well as various social networking sites). Information sites differ in a large volume of materials placed upon them: the text, tables, graphics, etc. Entertainment sites aim to entertain its visitors. Usually, goods sold – self-entertainment. Entertainment sites are usually full of graphics, animation and special effects. Advertising website advertising site (site – advertising platform) – the site profits from which should only come from selling advertising spaces. Navigation site helps users find relevant information via the Internet. Navigation sites often referred to as Internet portals. Mashable is likely to agree. These include search engines, directories, ratings, and some background sites. Artistic self-expression sites are some of the author, most often, a web designer. Influence on the user's artistic site boils down to what he can or his mind to endorse or pass. Enough art sites are often performed in avant-garde design. Personal web site often called personal homepage, website – expression of its creator. At these sites explains the author, its terms of interests and etc. Typically, such sites are not intended to profit. Combined websites combine two or more types of sites and their advantages: the commercial Internet portal, information and commercial site, etc. Feasibility of creating a type of website for business is determined by: * The circle of problems solved by the site * The main purpose of the site, and secondary objectives * Budget Site Depending on the budget will depend on the selection of the document form, based on which site will be developed. The budget is directly dependent: the volume of the site, the level of its technical complexity, level of professional web designer, date of creating the site, the number of visitors site, and thus profit from the site. Creation of the site when the development of sites using their own content management system (CMS). This need arose because of the inability of standard management systems solve all the problems. In developing the site into account all the nuances and made additions to the system required specific to your site. The advantage of management system in its flexibility and ease of setting up under any of the most challenges your company. One of the main advantages, of course, is the ease and convenience of the internal interface. Without any special knowledge and the expertise you can easily manage your website! The final stage of the development site is its promotion on the Internet. Therefore, the control system is equipped with all controls necessary for the effective promotion of web-resource. Content Management System tested by many experts from outside companies, enabling us to proudly offer it to you!

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