Fundamental Attitude

August 16, 2023


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For an authentic social volunteering, are accurate training and learning in the sensitivity, respect and acceptance of each other as it is, without trying to change it. We are not going to teach anything or to change anyone, but to help make it anyone from their own reality in the maturation of their identity. Those who live on site we know that for the proper formation of a volunteer, to be able to send resources, studies, correspondence, control projects, money is needed. And no matter the age or health that has that moved to so much pain and injustice so that you can not contribute regularly a contribution, more so when it becomes a full partner within the organization. Continue to learn more with: Samsung. In our country, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are being trained as social volunteers and organizations that prepare them need financial means to do so. Complain, criticize and not to cooperate is not coherent. Hear from experts in the field like Pete Cashmore for a more varied view. ore info. Many writers such as Energy Capital Partners offer more in-depth analysis. Within the fundamental attitude of the volunteer, we accept the term cure from its most authentic meaning: take care, that it brings comfort, accompany, sympathize, empathize, sympathize, share, live-with.

Hence buddy-copain: which shared the bread. It is known to each other not only as otherness, but as reciprocity which exceeds the tolerance that based on a posture of possession of the truth, something that nobody can have on property. This attitude is an indispensable asset to both reductionism, fanaticism, fundamentalism, fake spiritualism, anthropocentrism, with an alienating perfectionism that has a lot of Cathar, Calvinist and pelagiano. Nobody is more than anyone. It is therefore, be consistent and adapt ourselves to the reality. Only a fool who does not know, would qualify this attitude as syncretism, relativism, materialism or Pantheism. Only a contemplative, sprouted attitude of silence, can inform and give meaning to a consistent live.

If being human it was born to be happy, happiness can not be separated from its roots: be yourself in fullness and freedom, although the circumstances we string, us tangled, us zahieran or us injured. Freedom is inherent to the person, but as an individual you can suffer greater limitations effect of cultures, traditions, circumstances, and always of the abuses of power. Hence, peace is the fruit of Justice and happiness have aroma of serenity, calm and radical joy in a being that he assumes his condition and said: Okay well. I know who I am. Solidarity J.C.G.

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