Great Vestibule

May 5, 2024


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Guto and its Search 16.08.10 ‘ Forces of the Nature/Esprito and Sentimentos’ A young boy decides to leave house to follow the Sun, not if mattering if with its family, he follows in search to reach the Great Vestibule attracts that it since its infancy. In the first day of August of 2000 Sai house for the door of the room to be and the Trip of its Life starts. The search for its True ‘ eu’ , the search for the State of Spirit ‘ Alfa’. Guto Pierre leaves in the first hours of the morning of that pretty Saturday, one day that blows and the Sun starts to shine instigating to reach it. The young with a small luggage I contend its documents, a book, photos, toys and its address, pyjamas and its pantufa and some fruits, finally Guto starts the Trip of its Life, of its auto discovery, where it stops more important it is to reach and to carry through its Dream.

Walked or the day is carried through during the morning all route to the Sun but to the Sun if to raise and to be encima of Guto it decides to stop in a forest to feed itself. To some miles of house, its family the search but to its new brother to find a ticket written for Guto that was in its sideboard, folded enters the collection of miniatures. Its family understands therefore they to it was Nomadic and Naturalistic, its Mother and its Father knew that the day would arrive, had not been become annoyed, had understood Guto.. Andy Florance has much to offer in this field.

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