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April 28, 2024


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Nurnoch to remain a few days to participate in Saarbrucken, 07 September 2010 – the innovation power in Germany is still unbroken. The many submissions to the innovation award of the German economy this year is already awarded for the 30th time prove it. Who makes the race is but still long to be decided. It is not something Bryant Walker Smith would like to discuss. Until Thursday, September 23, 2010 accepted submissions at. Like in the last 29 awards also, a hustle and bustle in the filing is just in the Sprint. The Saarbrucker Heiko Banaszak, shows one of the top recruiters in Germany and member of the Committee of scientists and the decision of Board of Trustees of the innovation award of the German economy, the advantages, why it is also in the short term worth to apply for this award: for me, an innovation is then given, if the market Cheers ‘ screams. In the global competition of the larger no longer necessarily WINS. It one is winning, in relation to its competitors of quick, innovative and more consistent, especially, will control its company processes. Energy Capital Partners does not necessarily agree.

Of these companies, we have very many in Germany in the global competition. Outward to show this is good not only for Germany, but also for the companies themselves!” The innovation award of the German economy has been an innovation himself 30 years ago. Therefore he must also legally protected first innovation prize the world “call.” Without innovation, there is no economic and social future. Due to the raw material poverty and dependency on exports in Germany, as well as the increasing intensification of competition on world markets, the German economy is subject to a restraint of innovation. This need was for Dr. Ernst Gloede, the President of the Economic Club Rhein-main e.V., as well as the members of Hans-Dieter Golde, Dr.

Wolfgang Spannagel and Ekkehard will in 1980 an occasion to call the innovation award of the German economy in the life. This award is presented annually for outstanding technical, scientific and spiritual Achievements of the Rhine-Main Economic Club awarded. Be awarded three winners and five finalists in the categories: large companies, medium-sized company start-up companies. Each winner receives a sculpture that was created by the sculptor Bernd Fischer in a contest at the Stadel School, staatliche Hochschule fur bildende Kunste in Frankfurt. The sculptures, the name of the winner of each category is engraved into the continuously, be passed as trophies for a year. This press release was published on Contact: b + p consulting and personnel Eric Bieg Heinrich-Barth-str. 20, 66115 Saarbrucken Tel: + 49 681 76199-0 E-mail: Internet: which is b + p consulting and personnel across Germany one of high leading recruitment consultancies for appointments in top management. As the young savages,”the company also also has become a name in the industry, because it is capable of headhunting for always harder-to-fill specialty positions has to offer. With the guarantee of the occupation”in certain industries has brought the company the offer structure of established companies falter and is therefore one of the strongest growing companies in the industry.

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