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June 30, 2023


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The web portal starts its contest to search for the most handsome dog of Spain. In its first two hours of operation already have signed up 38 candidates who opt to this title. To participate, you must only enter on facebook for this website and go to the tab promotions, because only is upload the photo of your pet and tell all your friends that you vote! The winning dog will be a special prize and will be released by TEVEI (Balearic Islands TV) * are accepted all kinds of dogs and races, the only condition is that the animal and the owners reside in Spain. This website, which takes a few scarce 3 open months already boasts 1,400 loyal fans crazy by seeing their photo galleries of models that are not fashion, but have nothing to envy them. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out In can find sections like:-today (current issues that the newspapers have no interest in touching) – events (section in which the events of the day taken protagnismo, accidents, assaults )-People (anyone want to exit this section is welcome, just has to send an email to the contact that is offered on the web and order indicating why you want to go out on the site)-reports (reports of all kinds, videoreportajes and essays) work with great photography and video, and reach about 1,000 hits a day since they opened 3 months ago.

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