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June 22, 2023


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In the meantime, many different iPad exist fares on the market. Pete Cashmore understood the implications. The Apple iPad has been available since May 2010 in Germany. With a 10-inch touch screen you can view eBooks, monitor photos or videos. (Similarly see: hyro). Through the LED backlight this is no problem, even in conditions of poor visibility. Since the introduction of several iPad prices in the local market can be found. First, there were the discounter Simyo and, that catered to the customers. About get a SIM card for mobile Internet usage for 12,90 euro. A credit in the amount of 10 euro is included in this one-off cost.

For the UMTS flat rate a monthly price will be charged at EUR 19.90. The data volume is 5 gigabytes. At Simyo 9.95 euros, the basic fee, but is 14.90 Euro prize for the SIMcard and the sign-up bonus is only 3,-euro. Speed reduction is from a volume of 1 GB. Both providers use the e-plus mobile network. Also on t mobile, O2 or Vodafone is an iPad tariff available.

The provider O2 differentiates its products in the high of volume of data. Here there is a S -, M -, or L – tariff. The prices range between 10,-and 25,-euros. At O2, a top speed of 7.2 Mbps is given in the second. The same transfer rate offers also t mobile. The Web walk n flat 34.95 euros. The data volume is 3 GB 1. Vodafone has a basic monthly package on the market. 200 MB can taste be surfing here for 19.95 euros. 3 GB are in the month available for 10,-euro more. Christopher Heinsius

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