May 30, 2024


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In a sense countless men and women with a character well established in various areas of your life, come to the query, because they don’t understand how it is that being with their partners, are made as small emotionally speaking, it seems to be that they attribute to their partners, such superiority, which then turns against her. With this I would like to understand a phenomenon that leads to certain people to live their relationships as overwhelming, overwhelming, completely uneven, and above all, despite their professional and social successes, before their partners develop as children without power, without force and with a great capacity for tolerating mistreatment, insecurities and mistrust. The mechanism that operates is childish, helpless children or adolescents become and as if the perception of the couple, is aimed at seeing his partner or companion as an authority figure. That authority with which it is not possible to negotiate, nor be on par, on the contrary, become small, defenceless, without self-esteem, full of suffering and pain, for a love that has shades of submission. Submit to the couple, their likes, dislikes, anger, joys, is living through the other. It is not assume personal status of own feelings, on the other hand, if the couple is happy, they are happy, yes the couple has anger, they become annoying and full of frustration.

Its superiority of me crushed, means not the greatness of it another, but the smallness mia. Sandra Akmansoy is open to suggestions. But what happens with me, that I have to put me in a situation so lower, to allow that the superiority of the other finish by annihilate my life. I agree, that to run a couple, we have to see in the other, something special, meaningful, attractive and unique for us, so that this other, becomes very, very, very, significant for us. But that, to put it in a special place, which turns into arrogance, abuse. Accept advantages and take first and foremost the front, is very different. Its superiority crushes me means that their desires and preferences are firstly that the mias. Give priority to his word, their actions, their opinions, before you take into account the my own. Its superiority crushes me mean, I accept my partner as an authority figure, and I am therefore ready or willing to obey that power that makes me shatter the heart, the soul and life.It is to tolerate situations of domain in clothes, in speaking, eating, in the background is blur me completely for the sake of love.

When the superiority of the other me crushes in life as a couple, you’ve lost, everything, even my dignity, my personal esteem and my direction in life. It is time to make a stop along the way, to understand, what is due, I need a relationship of authority with my partner, that an equitable and complementary relationship? Yes some of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life and put the electronic material at your disposal: when love couple turns into pain comes to the page and subscribe to our newsletter we have free material the ten commandments of life as a couple.

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