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World Cup Tips:

April 18, 2023


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Who does not know that at the time of the World Cup? Quickly rises during a football game with the euphoria and the good spirits of the alcohol level. With a little preparation, you can within limits keep the hangover headache the next morning or maybe even completely avoid. The favoured country, is omitted from hyped, cheered and celebrated and no one thinks more of the hangover, the excessive consumption of alcohol, usually with brings. But what exactly is this cat”sneaking up on so many people and often makes for headache and nausea? The discomfort and impaired physical and mental performance as a result of a slight alcohol poisoning is described as a hangover colloquially and it comes most to the known symptoms. Headache: They are result of a dehydration of the body, because the body by alcohol intake exudes more liquid when he picks up.

Nausea and vomiting: The alcohol causes of hyperacidity in the stomach, which then became one Gastritis leads and again raises this queasy feeling in the stomach area. In a question-answer forum Energy Capital Partners was the first to reply. How can I prevent a hangover? Who would not abandon the consumption of alcohol, should be to supply the body with plenty of water and preferably after each glass, a glass of water to take alcohol. Due to the high loss of fluid you can recharge its mineral balance with magnesium effervescent tablets. And also at bedtime, should you yourself again a large amount of water. High-fat meals are useful to prevent the stomach acidity. To protect the gastric mucosa oil suitable fish, such as salmon, or even a tablespoon very well fetthaltiger. The hangover has crept in anyway, what helps now, however? It is important to drink non-alcoholic of course much even in the morning after excessive alcohol consumption.

Against nausea and stomach pain stomach teas are useful with balm to soothe the irritated stomach. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. Also a hot vegetable soup acts against acidification and leads the body again mineral salts to. A higher blood sugar level helps to reduce the alcohol faster. These cause sweet fruits and honey, which at the same time provide the body with vitamins. Very stubborn cases you can access still to the painkillers. But beware, these funds also can lead to an excess acidity in the stomach and vomiting. But no matter who completely dispenses with the alcohol, avoiding a rude awakening with a hangover anyway and starts fit and powerful in the new day. For more information and helpful products, see

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