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May 9, 2024


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Within few days begin the fairs in the city and environment is splendid, they begin to see the first ornaments of lights, shop Windows are decorated by referring to the celebrations and up to the poster that annually causes excitement has been edited. This year is simply terrific. They are dates that you cannot forget, but at home also coincides with the birth of our daughter Laura. Malena give birth on October 31, in the middle of festivities. How by holiday traffic is chaotic, we anticipate and Malena entered the clinic on day 29.

The crib. The wedge is things that most worried us at the beginning. We made a list and discard some items by materials that did not seem us appropriate, as the tissues that were not breathable, sheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses etc types. The stroller for the baby. Begin to search the wedge by internet we arrived until the web of the Cuc, and it was an experience, when we got to ride prams we discover a vast catalogue of accessories to facilitate the transfer of Laura and all the accessories that we could need. Details can be found by clicking search or emailing the administrator.

We had agreed several things in this regard, that wasn’t very heavy, in fact would be hours and hours pushing the stroller and afternoon or early parents of Malena or mine would remove walk Laura and we should give them things; that was easy to fold and that deal shortly, I’ve seen friends folding stroller and it seemed that they were assembling the Rubik’s cube, complicated. There was also the issue of inputs and outputs House, although there was elevator in the building, it was not too broad, we should bear this in mind also. Another issue, Laura would during several months auxiliada stroller in displacement, comfort, the position of the neck and back were very important. These and other questions them had prepared when we went to the store, soon saw that his experience would not help in the choice of the most suitable products, finally chose the basics in terms of model and feature and for the rest they opened a list of birth, with that from home could comfortably go preparing everything needed for when Laura was born. Also allowed us to engage friends and family with which insurance I removed them a concern above. Deadlines were strict and also gave us a voucher for an amount of 500 that as things stand came us very well.

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