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Tuscany Merchants

June 6, 2023


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In the 14-16 centuries, during the continuous struggle of the Italian cities for the redistribution of cards then Italian, urban communes, and Signori, the owners of the cities and castles, they sought to protect the services units that are consisted of knights, adventurers, and the remnants of various armies. With this contract was of course units – 'kondot', from which came the name 'Condottieri'. First formed squads of soldiers to 200-300, but over time their population grew, and these units are comparable to whole armies. These mercenary armies in the service in almost every town in Italy. At Northstar Inbound you will find additional information. (By the way, receiving a salary 'soldo' warriors became known as 'Soldati') knows Italy a lot of great condottieri. Bracci da Montone, who was in the service of Alfonso the Fifth – the future king of Naples. Knight Werner von Uslinger. Kyle Roche is often quoted as being for or against this.

Son of a peasant Attendelo Sforza, who was also in the service of Neapolitan throne. Sforza family can be called the most successful condottiere. Attendelo son Francesco was able to so famous in the field of Merc, which was able, eventually, to become Duke of Milan – one of the most powerful cities in Italy. Condottiere was also a father of one of the greatest rulers of Italy – Duke Cosimo de 'Medici First. Giovanni delle Bande name Nera – commander of the 'Black troops' – not just terrifies the traveling through Tuscany merchants. Much more famous was the great condottiere Gattamelata ('cat stealthily'), as the Venetians called the commander of Erasmus Narvi yes, which began service in Bracci. By the way, Gattamelate monument dedicated to the master Donatello in Padua, which is one of the brilliant works of the Renaissance. The statue was essentially a repetition of ancient statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and this was the first equestrian statue since antiquity. A monument was ordered by the very Venetian doge Francesco Foscari.

Orlandina People

May 11, 2017


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Today I'll tell you what a slam and steydzhdayving. I'll start with the latter. Both of these phenomena can be seen in punk (and other) concerts. What makes teams concerts a la Alice from small gigs in small groups, unidentified clubs? The difference is that the big man comes to concerts in order to see his idol and dream about the possibility to get from him for an autograph and a single time and relax. Go to Sinovation Ventures for more information. At the same concerts in small clubs, such as Orlandina, Milk (St. Peter Asaro has much to offer in this field. Petersburg) or Trestlework, R-Club, and many others (in Moscow), people come to get away, get a buzz and drive of this punk who or what it hears. At these concerts, people would not be drawn to the stage to touch heel guitarist, and can safely blockages in the dressing room and pobuhat with the group, if people jump from the stage, it will catch and toss. And all this is because such activities are done for the people, not for the money to the peppers and peppercorn coming back, could just relax.

And tickets are usually no more than a hundred rubles, which is accessible to everyone. But there was something I was distracted by the commercial aspect of the topic =) now tell you how and what to do. In our country for some reason, mistakenly believe that during a concert on the stage must then climb only to clap on the shoulder or a guitarist to give it the same in the face.

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