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A Formula To Begin As A Coach Or Consultant

April 19, 2023


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"My idea is first going to need some zippy flyers and a brochure" said an email from Matt last week. Unfortunately, it is the only one who thinks the first step to building a professional business is printing fliers and brochures. After all, that's what everybody does, right? And it seems like a logical place to start, right? Professionals is interesting that while most people call me by my marketing mentoring service are well established in search of a new advantage, Matt's message was one of the 14 e-mail me last week people are starting to build their practice. Everyone wanted to know the best way to start fast, but seemed to be obsessed with getting their flyers and brochures prepared. The fact is, "Zippy flyers and tri-folds" are a bad idea when you're starting. They can be expensive if you want to see sharp.

But even worse – they are so "inflexible." If you are just beginning, I am more than sure, that soon will pass through several "adjustments." I've seen people spend thousands of people in the "zippy brochures" only to find useless in a couple of months. So if you get brochures does not work what is the right way forward? Here's my sure-fire 10-step formula to quickly begin working as a coach or consultant. Ian Cole is open to suggestions. And if you are a well-established professional, these ten tips can only give you the kick up the backside that needs a new impetus to the market. 1. PLAN. Yes, I know you've heard this before, but very few people still take the time to do this.

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