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Organization Of Holidays

May 29, 2018


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Modern man lacks vivid impressions, mood swings and emotional background. Frantic pace of life blunts the perception of reality, and celebrations often take place formally, not remaining in memory. Good work deserves sparkling holiday! Stand out from the crowd! Draw your greeting so that the birthday boy will remember it for life! Prepare the family and friends burst of positive emotions, their hype – Order expensive for people you surprise or an original drawing of the Agency\’s Deja Vu. We will prepare a surprise VIP in a specially designed scenario, involving extras, and professional actors. Take care of your team and Organize corporate or compliments in the style of deja vu – this event will strengthen the team spirit. Organization of holidays – our profession, and basic profile of the agency – jokes on birthdays, on dates, weddings, at various festivals and celebrations.

We will organize an unusual, creative greetings, and even if you wish – the event itself. Yes, yes, yes! We arrange holidays as well as the events themselves. For example, we can help you make peace with loved ones. Or – to organize a random encounter with the object of your adoration – to introduce you! We can almost everything! The only thing that immediately warned – in conflict with the law, we do not enter:) Congratulations – good, our Nonsense – positive, our customers are satisfied always! You do not have anything to celebrate, you just want a decent, level, to a certain event? Are a business and want to provide customers with new product or project in an unusual manner spectacular? The agency will develop a Deja Vu presentation of a new product or project! The main thing – be original! Remember me! And remembered for a background of positive emotions! We are in this – the specialists! Check out all of our customers, talk to them! A small list of our clients can be found on our website: By the way, about us in the press, saying on the radio … Examples of this you can see on the site.

AND finally … Perhaps you – the owner of the restaurant, club or casino, and are interested in so that visitors have you had an interesting and fun? Of course! After all of this depends directly on your profit. In this case, the agency Deja Vu offers you mutually advantageous cooperation.


May 3, 2012


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2. The second kind of happiness (a man) – creative happiness – an emotional lift and satisfaction derived from the work, as well as public acceptance of the fruits of creativity. 3. The third kind of happiness – the happiness of love, which is based on instincts, so that it contains elements of child care-free happiness, although its natural sense – procreation. 4. The fourth kind of happiness – the joy of meeting the needs.

Also the natural feeling of happiness that comes from a comfortable existence, and after satisfying hunger or thirst, and adults – and sexual satisfaction. 5. And finally, the fifth type of happiness – the marital happiness. This species can be considered as the most human, as for his sense of need is not only instincts, but also a certain level culture and civilization (equality and mutual respect). All kinds of happiness are more or less clear, although most 'blurred' to understand people, but also the most human kind of happiness (peculiar only to humans, and even then – with relatively high level of culture) is a happy family. Moreover, it does not come by itself, since it is not natural and instinctive, but is achieved by joint efforts beloved couples, allowing instinctive The natural increase of mutual love at the highest level – conjugal love. This goal, although at first glance it seems selfish, satisfies all the basic needs of modern man and brings harmony to his life, not giving the pursuit of happiness 'deadlock'.

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