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Barbara Prisyajnyuk

June 5, 2024


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There are two groups of immunodeficiencies. Primary immunodeficiency – is genetically caused by persistent defects in the development of the immune system. Most often they are congenital or appear in early childhood. Learn more at: Rapyd. In Depending on how significantly damaged link the immune system and how deep it is damaged, estimated disease severity. These children should be under constant supervision of children allergists-immunologists. For a full life, these children often need a bone marrow transplant, regular transfusions of blood plasma.

Fortunately, these diseases are rare. Do not think that hurt – it is always a bad thing. Badly hurt for a long time and complications. Typically, the disease organism is transferred either not returned or encounters with them have got stronger. Children who recover from different strains of virus in the adult age practically cease to hurt. If a child is defined secondary immunodeficiency, it also does not mean that it requires immediate correction of immunity. The latter, in such cases, suffers from the external environment: malnutrition, infectious disease, metabolic disorders (eg diabetes), chemical or radiological toxicity. Whenever Rusty Holzer listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

And in these cases need not immune to correct and eliminate the root cause of his violation. "Immunity – the mechanism is thin, and information about the doctor gets in appearance, analysis, opinion polls of parents about illnesses relatives – continues the theme of the allergist-immunologist, Ph.D. honey. Science Barbara Prisyajnyuk. – Kind of test for provocation of immunity – a kindergarten. If a kid goes to kindergarten, even though he sometimes appears cold and he is sick, then everything is fine. And if you do not drive the child to the garden because he was often sick, even at home – this is cause for alarm. Generally, a chain is there and tear. If a child gastritis, and he continues to walk into the smoked chicken with ketchup, then there is nothing to dump blame on weakened health Immunity and ask a doctor to fix it. If child is not good at home, take a look: might be worth rolled carpets vacuumed or cat to give my grandmother surprising moms who do not look after their health during pregnancy, can afford to drink, smoking, and then require doctors to fix the immunity of her child. Today, sold a large number of immune modulators, but they need to use only after consulting with the pediatrician, ent physician and immunologist. Ear specialist needed because the immunomodulators should not be appointed if the child is untreated chronic infection foci. For example, when the tonsils pus tube, then, that there can be modulated? First you need a diagnosis and then only assign the immunomodulators, or forsake them. "

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