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European Central

June 18, 2023


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It was wanted to avoid a reaction of panic of the markets. The institution gives to the welcome to the announcements of Italy and Spain of new measures and reforms in the areas of fiscal and structural policies. Merkel and Sarkozy have issued an official notice in which they ask that the measures are accelerated to restore the balance in the affected countries. The European Central bank (BCE) informed east Sunday into which it is going to acquire sovereign debt of Spain and Italy to avoid a contagion of the crisis from indebtedness to these countries after the speculative attacks. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. The president of the BCE, Jean-Claude Trichet, said that he goes to ” to implement activamente” its program of purchase of national debt of the countries of the zone of the Euro, initiate in May of the past year to help to the countries with refinancing difficulties. Trichet added in an official notice that this decision considers the bad operation of some segments of the market and its objective is to help a ” to recover one better trasmisin of our decisions of policy monetaria” and ” to assure the stability prices in the zone of euro”.

Trichet added that ” the advice of government of the BCE gives the welcome to the announcement that has made the governments of Italy and Spain in relation to the new measures and reforms in the areas of policies fiscal and estructural”. The maximum executive agency of the BCE considers ” essential that both governments carry out a decisive and fast implementation with the purpose of to intensify substantially the competitiveness and the flexibility of their economies and to reduce quickly to their deficits pblicos”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Matt Swain. In addition, the BCE emphasizes the importance of the commitment of js of State and Government of the zone of the Euro of fulfilling the objectives fiscal, as it were reaffirmed the past in the Summit of 21 of July.

High Wood Spaniards: Here Yes There Are Green Buds

April 17, 2022


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We are in the Gilded one, High Wood (Californian, the USA). And up to here they peregrinate Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, Indian and, of course, Spanish. All in search of its miracle. It is the place where to re-invent itself from zero if the doses adapted of intelligence, ambition are had and money. Some prevail and another no, but more wise people leave than when they arrived. University Avenue is a street filled with coffees with high concentration of Ferraris and Maseratis by square meter. Of Monday through Friday, and 10,00 to 17,00, one becomes a laboratory where, if the ear is sharpened, it is possible to be learned how to be a boy of 20 years, to have an intense relation with the trousers of pajamas and MacBook Pro and to convince a capitalist gentleman of which the new Twitter in which is had in hand to invest 500,000 dollars. Perhaps check out Darcy Stacom for more information. Source of the news: : High Wood Spaniards: Here yes there are green buds.

The Danube Express

February 24, 2017


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These wagons, completely recovered, comprised in the years 40 and 50 of the Hungarian fleet and communist leaders like Janos Kdr, to whom it did not like to fly used, them with assiduity. Their compartment conserves the wood panels on the walls and furniture of the time. Account also with a living room. And although it has washbasin, the shower and bath is shared by up to four travellers. On the other hand, the wagons that welcome the calls luxury car-bed give to five capacity solely to compartment each, in which special attention to the design has been lent and it has been able to find the perfect balance between the most modern technology, an exquisite decoration and facilities around the awaited thing. Continue to learn more with: Pete Cashmore. In his interior, they count on a complete bath.

During dinner which is one apparent living room with armchairs and ample closets, to enjoy a calm trip, one becomes a comfortable dormitory, thanks to the work of the personnel. The train is completed with an elegant wagon-restaurant, where the typical specialties of the different regions, elaborated with local ingredients and of season can be tasted, while they are left back valleys, mountains and small towns. In order to finish the day, can be chosen to go to lounge, interchange and point of contact of experiences while is enjoyed without haste of a good conversation, a coffee or a drink, brightened up everything with musical notes of the pianist that acts every night.

Crossing the center and this of Europe This form to travel, that takes including the meals and drinks (as well as the house wine), it offers different routes that cross up to six countries of central and Eastern Europe, and numerous points from historical, artistic, cultural and architectonic interest, between which are some that has been declared Patrimony of the Humanity. Routes of four, nine, eleven and thirteen days exist, and those that still have desire to rest a little more can decide on extensions to Budapest and the Prague, or Budapest and Vienna. Thus, for example, it is possible to cross during thirteen days from the Bosphorus to the borders of the Baltic Sea, happening through Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, or nine, discovering the life and the architecture of the countryside of Bulgaria, or the Polish essence. The trips in the Danube Express begin in Istambul, Warsaw and Budapest. Source of the news: The Danube Express, the luxury to travel in train by Europe.


December 16, 2016


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When the bullfigthers left by the great door of the place, some fans approached the activists. Both groups got involved, and interchanged blows and pushes. The Mossos has not confirmed haltings. A group of fans to the antibullfighting bulls and activists in excess one in this place has carried out argument in the outskirts of Monumental from Barcelona when finishing this last Sunday, that ends the bullfighting celebration in Catalonia. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. While the three bullfigthers left to shoulders who formed the poster of goodbye of the Barcelonian enclosure for bullfighting, about twenty fans approached a ten of activists who continued pronouncing itself in front of the place against the bullfights and in dnsa of the animal. In the middle of certain confusion, everyone got involved in a fight with pushes and blows to which a fast intervention of the police put aim to avoid more incidents. According to sources of the Mossos d' Esquadra, had not stopped after the argument, and the antibullfighting activists gathered their placards and left the environs of the place. A poster that counted on the matador Jose Takings in force closed the bullfighting celebration in the Monumental one of run Barcelona with a last one before the entrance, next the 1 of January, of the prohibition of the bullfights in Catalonia. Source of the news: Argument between antibullfighting fans and activists after the last one run in Catalonia

Europcar Tour

November 24, 2016


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Jourdy mentioned to its compatriot Alain Gallopin when assuring that \” the case Accountant is very particular\” and it was shielded in that specificity to recognize \” the benefit of duda\” to the Spanish. \” Of there to that it is in the race, \” , it affirmed doubtful. For the Movement by a Credible Cycling (MCC), created by the French equipment, plus the Garmin-Cervelo and the Skil-Shimano, the solution happens through the company/signature of an ethical contract that prevents the cyclists with open cases to participate in the races. \” In my equipment Accountant it would not have participated in the Tour\” , it affirmed Bernaudeau, that it comprises of the MCC, which imposes a clause to him to discard investigated cyclists. Less worried it seems Didier Rous, sport person in charge of the Cofidis, that affirmed that \” if the regulations let participate to him, why it does not go it to hacer\”.

\” It is evident that it will be spoken more of doping, but when somebody has a right and exerts little can hacer\” , it affirmed. Unlike Bernaudeau, Rous assured not to know clearly that it would discard to a cyclist like Accountant in case of being in a similar situation. Thomas Voeckler, leader of the Europcar, does not seem made an impression by the presence of Accountant in the Tour, that registers in the tradition of doping suspicions which they surround the cycling. \” I have already seen things like these since I am in the world of bicicleta\” , the cyclist said who affirmed that she does not bother to him that he is Accountant because its objective does not happen to fight by the general classification. \” If he had forces to be between three first would have another speech, but he is not caso\” , it affirmed.

What all know clearly is that the case Accountant will give that to speak in the next Tour, that will begin the 2 of July in the region of the Vende, in the French Atlantic coast. \” The worse thing than could happen to us is that the public begins to whistle to Accountant. I already lived that with (Michael) Rasmussen\” , it affirmed the director of the Europcar in rrencia to the Danish who retired when he was leader of the Tour of 2007 by the strong suspicions of doping. Whistles or no, the one of Pinto will have many problems to convince the French public. In one recent published survey just before it made his decision public to run the Gallic round, a 63 percent of the Gauls considered that there was no site for him in the squad of the race.

Andy Schleck

July 27, 2016


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Favorite is not seen the final triumph after its evil beginning of the Tour of France. The Madrilenian cyclist wasted time in the first stage by a montenera after a fall in the squad (yielded more of a minute) and in crontrarreloj by equipment. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). Alberto Accountant considered that the favorites at this moment to gain the Tour of France are the Luxemburgish Andy Schleck and the Cadel Australian Evans, who surpasses to him in more of average minute and in the general. " The situation that there is in the Tour is very abierta, but ls favorite you are Andy and Cadel. Andy is very strong in the mountain and has a good advantage on my. Last the Tour has gained by very little distance and I have a delay.

Evans is very solid and can obtain advantage with dems" , he affirmed the Madrilenian cyclist in the French public television. Accountant lamented his evil beginning of the Tour of France, in particular the seconds that yielded yesterday, Friday, with the rest of the favorites when catched seeing in a fall nine kilometers of the end, although he indicated that " he was not error" if not " bad suerte". Added the second lost ones in the race against the clock by equipment, the cyclist of the Saxo Bank is to 1:38 of the minor of the Schleck and 1:41 of Evans. " It is much race and I am concentrate to the one hundred percent to recover the time perdido" , he affirmed. Nevertheless, Accountant recognized to have felt very hurt by the booings of the public during the race, caused by the doping suspicions that weigh envelope he.

" It was difficult to be there. I have sacrificed the Tour, have obtained good results, that they are fruit of the efforts, and thus of being received, makes damage " , he assured pinteo. As far as the resolution of his accusations by the positive by clembuterol in the Tour of the last year, Accountant affirmed that " it is not good for nadie" that the By arbitration Court of Deporte (ANVIL) has not decided before the beginning of the Gallic round. " I am first whom I had liked that this finished. The experts know that there is no doping, for my is clear, but he has been hard for my family and my. They have doubted my., Desire that this finishes soon, I am very optimista" , it assured. Source of the news: Accountant: " Now the favorites are Andy Schleck and Cadel Evans"

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