United Nations Conference

April 13, 2024


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The G-8 this year (London) quadrupled to U.S. (Not to be confused with Energy Capital Partners London!). $ 1 billion the IMF's reserves, made in excess leads us to repeat the image of the human cadaver global face of insensitive noses of economic power, of course, without react. This does not include the enormous sums injected into banks in the U.S.. More info: Energy Capital Partners London. Calculate you, nothing more with the first 700,000 million dollars approved by the U.S. Congress to bail out the banks (not including the 500,000 post and the thousands used in Europe for the same purpose): divide by the 6,700 million people Earth and get you to every member of the human race with 104 million dollars! All rich, if wealth is to have money, which is a topic of flirting with this reflection.

"U.S. alone, with 4% of the world's population, generates 25% of global pollution due to industrial emission of greenhouse gases "amoral vision of humanity is worse when it is certain that the aforesaid economic power, Zionist, ultra-capitalist, right corner of the policy, is doing" business "with the crisis , itself generated by it. Like saying, scavengers, murderer, then I take advantage of the raw material of the bodies to market. This is what happened to the crisis, with banks, with the behavior of the big capitalists, with the model itself throughout his life, with the G-8 meeting in London, the G-20 in Pittsburgh and as seems just happened in the recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change, Copenhagen (in present course), where rich countries (as often alleged) subscribed to a secret deal to make them only industrial emissions, excluding countries developing, to whom they want to deny any possibility of exploitation of their resources for exploitation.

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