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The System

November 21, 2012


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Therefore in the search for equal rights, our time lives the extinguishing of values, we are enslaved of the same lack of communication in the familiar scope rank that when being to the family ahead of a television set is folloied, but alone, what he is very sad and at the same time strange. Currently I make a mistake we breathe it to think that we are better of what the societies that had preceded in them, and there they are asked where it is the courtesy, and the nobility in the treatment with our fellow creatures. Nobody more if surprises to the being badly treat in its proper environment to work, with the advent of the rights to counsel of the consumer, proprietors and employees of establishments I deal of it retail live days of indifference and conflict, therefore at the moment that this current society fold that is necessary to extend red carpet to the customer, this usurping the false right of royalty enters in the establishments with magnificent as if they did not have the least to return the fulfilment that receives. Curious as the time and times they change the human being, by the way, change as much that leave human being. Incredible as we are vulnerable the changes and then the estria turns history and calls of evolution of the ages, in them we become slaves of the inverdades that of in such a way repeating become acceptable and respectable truths. The customer for the metamorphosis of the acquired rights sheds magnificent and arrogance in an establishment that of it nor is, for having been consecrated to the false royalty of ' ' cliente' '. What we see of a side is a code of ethics and defense of the consumer ' ' cliente' ' protected for one redoma unbreakable and of another one the salesman relegated for the system to a mere paper of attendant disqualified, or better, qualified as without value. .

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