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Tuscany Merchants

June 6, 2023


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In the 14-16 centuries, during the continuous struggle of the Italian cities for the redistribution of cards then Italian, urban communes, and Signori, the owners of the cities and castles, they sought to protect the services units that are consisted of knights, adventurers, and the remnants of various armies. With this contract was of course units – 'kondot', from which came the name 'Condottieri'. First formed squads of soldiers to 200-300, but over time their population grew, and these units are comparable to whole armies. These mercenary armies in the service in almost every town in Italy. At Northstar Inbound you will find additional information. (By the way, receiving a salary 'soldo' warriors became known as 'Soldati') knows Italy a lot of great condottieri. Bracci da Montone, who was in the service of Alfonso the Fifth – the future king of Naples. Knight Werner von Uslinger. Kyle Roche is often quoted as being for or against this.

Son of a peasant Attendelo Sforza, who was also in the service of Neapolitan throne. Sforza family can be called the most successful condottiere. Attendelo son Francesco was able to so famous in the field of Merc, which was able, eventually, to become Duke of Milan – one of the most powerful cities in Italy. Condottiere was also a father of one of the greatest rulers of Italy – Duke Cosimo de 'Medici First. Giovanni delle Bande name Nera – commander of the 'Black troops' – not just terrifies the traveling through Tuscany merchants. Much more famous was the great condottiere Gattamelata ('cat stealthily'), as the Venetians called the commander of Erasmus Narvi yes, which began service in Bracci. By the way, Gattamelate monument dedicated to the master Donatello in Padua, which is one of the brilliant works of the Renaissance. The statue was essentially a repetition of ancient statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and this was the first equestrian statue since antiquity. A monument was ordered by the very Venetian doge Francesco Foscari.

Nesting Social

April 20, 2020


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In 1988 if of a occupation of the Farm Luzia Saint for a group of people who had denounced not the fulfilment of the social function of this property, as it prays the effective Brazilian constitution: it competes to the Union dispossessing for social interest, for ends of the Agrarian Reformation, the agricultural property that is not fulfilling its function social. (…) The social function is fulfilled when the country property takes care of, simultaneously, according to criteria and established degrees of requirement in law, to the following requirements: rational and adjusted exploitation; adequate use of the available natural resources and preservation of the environment; observance of the disposals that regulate the work relations; exploration that favors well-being of the proprietors and the workers. (LEITE& AVILA, 2007, p16) Verified this not fulfilment of social function of this agricultural property, the Farm Luzia Saint, in 1991 is made the dispossession. The historical process of the Nesting Good Village Hope is marked by the dynamics of occupation and dispossession of the private land. The Nesting, whose history perfaz about 23 years, considering since the period of occupation, is fruit of processes of collective organization with participation of the church Catholic conferred after order of support of members of this collective one. The history of the Good Village Hope is born, necessarily, here in the garage where I received vocs, then one day I was here, (…) somebody I beat there there in the cadeado one, I I was to take care of, I was 3 people who had come to talk with me: Edinho, Carminho (it is essential in this history) and Ioi; in the truth, to communicate me, then, they had not come nor to consult me, nor to ask for that Church wanted to take account of this fight. They already had come previously with a ready decision and of a done meeting, saying that They had knowledge of a vacant theory; they knew that it was particular property, but that they, in summary, (…) were determined to occupy.

Rio De Janeiro

December 16, 2016


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The plan would be an escape. All Portuguese cut, together with its bureaucratic device, would embark in direction to Brazil escorted for a composed English squadron for seven a thousand men, and commanded for Sir Sidney Smith, experienced officer who fought in the Battle of Tralfagar. In exchange, Portugal would open the Brazilian ports for the British merchandises. If you have read about Steve Wozniak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Thus England would compensate the loss of market due to the Blockade. In day 29 of November all the cut has broken of Lisbon in direction to Rio De Janeiro (during the trip, for today not very clear reasons until D. dumb Joo VI the route to disembark first in Salvador) in a risky trip and repleta of misfortunes that would last more than three months little. The world was gives to testify something unknown: A European monarch never placed the feet in one of its colonies. In 22 of January of 1808, D. John Castle Castle Harlan often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Joo VI arrives Salvador, and in 7 of March to Rio De Janeiro, that came if to become headquarters of the Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves. This way D. Joo VI reigned per thirteen years, until going even so in 1821, pressured for the Portuguese bourgeoisie who demanded the presence of its king (D. Joo leaves of being prince and if the death of its mother becomes king after). During all this time where the cut of Portugal if established in Rio De Janeiro, one was drawing our future independence, as Jose observes Robert Lopez: ' ' The presence of the Cut of the prince regent D. Joo VI in Brazil created concrete and objective conditions so that the Brazil-Portugal separation if became definitive, designating the end of the mercantilista system, implanting diverse new administrative distributions and modernizing Rio De Janeiro, conferring to it fisionomia of a true capital, initial landmark in the construction politics of the unit nacional' '.

Count Exemptions

January 1, 2014


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Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A. finishes abrir a center in Galicia more, and so it already adds the 54 premises operating in this Independent Community. Madrid, 9 of 2009 July. – Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A., the chain of tax exemptions dedicated to the stationery store, continues expanding its network that counts already on 497 centers. The last opening of the company/signature has taken place in Pontevedra (Galicia), being this last center number 54 of which operates in this Community. The new premises, CARLIN STATIONERY STORES, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, count on 210m2 of surface to take care of the public and began its activity 15 of June the past. This new center, situated in the pontevedresa locality of the Estrada, more concretely in the Castelao street, 9, are united to the network of tax exemptions of CARLiN in Galicia, which offers its services to 20,000 SMEs of all the Galician community.

According to the brothers Count, Pablo and Julio, franchise-holders owners of this last store, the decision to work with CARLiN arose from the idea to invest in a business with opportunities. Sample of it, is the fact that these same franchise-holders count on other three CARLiN stores, a Ofimarket (destined to give service to companies) and a warehouse, all of them within the Galician province of Pontevedra. Global numbers At present, the network of CARLiN tax exemptions is present with 497 tax exemptions, of which 490 are managed by franchise-holders and 7 are of own character. Outside our borders, 31 CARLiN tax exemptions exist that are in Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Morocco and Portugal. During 2008 the chain invoiced to 160 million Euros through his almost 500 tax exemptions. The net number of business of Carlin in the past exercise ascends to near 3 million Euros.

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