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Assembly Systems

Mobile exhibition wall solution as an alternative to the mobile presentation systems for a flexible and professional presentation to a mobile exhibit to create, is the basis for a flexible system. But often the fair systems only in their size can be changed and less in the form. This slight change of shape is possible only with the mobile presentation systems. However they are less suitable for the trade fair presentation and more as an accessory option. A combination of the mobility of the measuring systems and the flexibility in the design of adaptation of presentation systems can be created an ideal marriage. The EXPOmove exhibition wall is ideal to combine advantages of both and still guarantee a professional presentation. The fair systems mostly very limited during the change of design and individualize themselves only with accessories and mounting elements can vary the exhibition wall between straight, curved, curved or round designs. However, she can also larger surfaces used without consist of individual elements, which creates a uniform advertising space. As EX POMADE product of the exhibition wall originally comes from the trade fair area. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. “With the slogan flexibility with system”, however, the system can provide a high individuality in design. In addition to straight shapes round, curved or bent variants can be used. Complete corner or series systems can be realized due to the continuous advertising space. The separable upper and support as well as the magnetic pressure railway installations provide for ease of Assembly. The floor plates provide maximum stability. They can be omitted on the famous flat carrier. The advertising space is thereby optimally used in scene. In particular the magnetic pressure rail attachment allows the use of seamless advertising motif, which can span even several metres. John K. Castle gathered all the information. However the EXPOmove exhibition wall not only for large stand space is suitable, but also for smaller, four pressure lifts offer a great flexibility. The wall can be used both as a back wall, as well as curved surface or round element. Thus, it is not only a single system variant ideal, but also as a shop-in-shop.

Walter Rheinstrasse

Methodological support facilitates companies to select the right projects and to implement effectively. Dreieich, 31.05.2011. Have the project management specialists by COPARGO GmbH, Dreieich, as first German training organisation approval for the new best-practice method management of portfolios “(MoP). With the MoP method COPARGO consulting customers is now delivering the full best-practice know-how from one source for the project management of the APMG *. For the management of portfolios, a guide has been available since February, 2011.

The method including tried and tested principles, roles, processes and documentation structures for the design of optimal project portfolio organizations describes in detail. Now makers, portfolio managers and staff in the portfolio management can become familiar in a two-stage qualification in COPARGO with the Guide and its application. From training and consulting, our clients know how practical we convey by COPARGO project management seminars and engage in projects. Best practices are always in the foreground. Personally I am therefore all the more, that we are the first in Germany, who can offer best-practice knowledge with methodical support for project portfolio management”, emphasises Oliver Buhr, Managing Director of COPARGO GmbH. makes it easier to MoP in a structured way in companies the definition and the continuous control and monitoring of portfolios.

Project portfolio management aims to find the right projects, prioritize and to select more effective approach and reach implementation projects. Portfolio management for projects is becoming increasingly important in companies. Organizations that strive for long-term success, are in constant change and must therefore constantly adapt and change. Portfolio management helps successfully, that necessary balance between organizational change and business as usual”to maintain in an organization. COPARGO is on the specialized concrete and management-oriented PRINCE2 project management methodology, already appreciated many project managers in Germany. The new best-practice method for MoP fits seamlessly into the existing framework to best-practice methods. For example, there are already the established method of MSP for the successful management of programmes. The methods will be for flexible, practical and efficient procedures and are successfully used in numerous organizations and companies worldwide and continuously improved. They are applicable for companies of all sizes and industries. * The APMG is a global organization that specializes in the accreditation and certification of organisations, processes and people in various management disciplines. COPARGO GmbH: The COPARGO GmbH is exclusive project management with PRINCE2 consulting firm and a leading provider of PRINCE2 training. COPARGO supports its customers in the use of project management and provides all necessary services from the Introduction consulting about training to tool selection. COPARGO seminars are characterized by a high percentage of practice in the training. All theoretical content are transferred to a practical project examples in everyday life. So the implementation of the project considerably easier and more knowledge is thus permanently propagated and applied. In addition, the seminars are always up to date… Since March 2010, COPARGO is also accredited training organisation for the best practice method P3O. Robotics expert will not settle for partial explanations. The MSP programme management method in the portfolio was recorded

Strategic Management

A new range of services, tools, and methods helps companies, ambitious strategic goals faster and more efficiently to reach you want to sustainably strengthen the position of your company at the market or improve? Its competitors to be always one step ahead? A new range of services, tools, and methods that are described on the Web site youdoo.biz, now helps companies to achieve these ambitious goals faster and more efficiently. Ali Partovi has much experience in this field. Whether increasing the support competitiveness, identify growth potential or the penetration into new markets – with comprehensive content in the field of strategic management and project management the Winfried Kempfle marketing services much more efficient to develop their business strategy and implement as this was the case earlier companies of all sizes and industries. “Still, for example, market and competitive analysis are either not at all or not systematically in the industry uses for an efficient strategy work”, white Winfried Kempfle, the developer and owner of youdoo.biz, from his own experience in the consulting and the German enterprise business develoment. “For example, is often to observe that only reports be purchased by market analysts and unthinkingly used without critically questioning assumptions and factors influencing market. Not infrequently even strategic decisions are “underpinned so”, taken in advance based on a “gut feeling” of management. Here, many potential lie fallow, which can be lifted by the deliberate and systematic use of methods, tools and techniques of strategic management.

But rarely is the application of methods of project management in the context of the strategy, this strategy could be projects hereby faster, more efficiently and with greater results. Particularly applies to the implementation phase, when analysis results concepts developed and measures are derived and implemented. Exactly at the services offered by Winfried Kale marketing services attaches these points: the company offers all effective methods, tools, and services that are required for an effective strategy work and for business development.

Strategic Marketing

AH effect, an agency for marketing and communication in Bremen advises SMEs to long-term marketing concepts. AH effect advises medium-sized companies, freelancers and entrepreneur on the selection of appropriate marketing measures. The main target group are medium-sized companies in different sectors. Special requirements of the segment a special attention be with the way of consulting the Agency. Especially medium-sized companies have mostly one its major rivals: their intense service and proximity to the customer. To convincingly communicate the strengths of the products and services, significantly increases the chances of winning new customers. In addition, the proximity of medium-sized companies to the customers require a clear expression of the corporate identity: empty promises of advertising are quickly debunked.

The key to acquiring customers is in the positive differentiation from the competition. In addition the risk of burnings of capital”: the untargeted Awarding high advertising budgets without coherent and tailor-made approach often leads to Frust-but seldom to the desired long-term results. To define the strengths and features of medium-sized companies and to communicate is the task of modern marketing. To put on the company’s own strengths, hence the right way is to attract new customers even in difficult economic times. Nothing impresses more than the real advantages of an enterprise. The clearer the corporate identity will be worked out, the more long-term promotions can be planned and implemented. Promotional activities are tailored to the target group, can be implemented even usually quite budget friendly: online marketing provides many efficient ways to promote medium-sized companies, also taking into account regional circumstances. “However: flat-rate recommendations there are no!” the marketing has the task, therefore to consider every customer and every industry and the Concepts to plan accordingly.

DOS Seminar

Marketing consultant Peter Schreiber trained sellers of capital goods in price talks to achieve higher profit margins. Successfully lead price talks.” So reads the title of a two-day seminar that performs the sales trainer specialized in the B2B field and consultant Peter Schreiber from the 1st to 2.04. and from September 20 to October for the Centre for corporate governance (ZfU) in Thalwil (CH). In the two-day seminar shows the owner of the consulting firm PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER, Ilsfeld (D), sales managers and sellers of industrial goods and services, what close is the relationship between prices achieved in price negotiations and the return of a company; Furthermore that even small discounts in price talks sensitively reduce the earnings of a company. In addition, Peter Schreiber makes participants fit to defend the price of their company with hands and feet”for example, by having them lines of reasoning “developed, which set out that the prices of the company although slightly higher” than those of competitors, is the solution for the customers but the bottom line still cheaper and more attractive.

“Peter Schreiber also explains the participants how they can discover the members of the buying Center and their needs and which argument fields except technology” and price for decision makers are still important. “A highlight in the seminar: on the second day of a flesh is” purchasing manager as a co presenter with part of the game. He discussed the strategies he pursues in its purchasing negotiations with seminar participants and the DOS and Don’ts are what buyers point of view for sellers..

Successful Improvement

MaxMetrics operation of the BI, analytical or performance management software from 13th and 14th February 2008 held a seminar on the topic of business intelligence competency Center (BICC) MaxMetrics “for specialists and managers who need to ensure with strategic decisions the efficient operation of the Bunsiness intelligence, analytical or performance management software.” “A BI Competency Center is a mainstay for any successful improvement of BI strategy within the company, as also the results of a survey of the Troy University how organizations use software for decision-making”, confirmed. Results of the survey will be the seminar participants. It is difficult most organisations, which have implemented business intelligence (BI), analytical and performance management software, to use them for business decisions. So an organization introduces a truly strategic approach to make fact-based decisions, there is a conscious action of the Management as well as a well planned change management program, which introduces BI – and analytical skills in the organization. All requirements lead to the need for new, cross-organization skills. Data and analytical expertise to exploit data and to recognize their importance to the business.

Management competence, with perseverance, to ensure that speed and direction of business development are and to achieve business benefits. Personal management skills, to develop differentiated job descriptions and work processes. , To use BI and analytics solutions in the whole organization and integrate the BICC give IT competence seminars which a comprehensive insight into the business value, factors and other measures to create a BI Competency Center, a strategic Department, coordinates the activities and resources of participants, thus ensuring that business decisions be made systematically on the basis of facts. Learn more and register at: bicc seminar.html seminar leader Gloria J. Miller, MBA, has more than 20 years experience as a business and IT consultant for some of the most heavily traded U.S. companies and government organizations. 10 years she served as Vice President the Professional Services Division of SAS international until 2007, she founded her own company, MaxMetrics GmbH. Her extensive knowledge in the area of business intelligence strategy and knowledge management brought Mrs.

Miller as co-author a series of methodologies and books in the field renovations in organizations, to use data more efficiently”to paper. The books include “business intelligence competency Center: A team approach to maximizing competitive advantage” and “information revolution: using the information evolution model to grow your business”. MaxMetrics is a management and IT consulting, providing services for business intelligence (BI) and business analytics, specialized, helping organizations implement complex projects and programs, and Management and decision making to optimize.

Strategic Teambuilding

DOM SET Live Communications: Sheep instead of PowerPoint Cologne 23.3.2011. Especially in the area of change and strategy company appreciate moderated workshops away from the day-to-day business. More and more companies have also again support from communications professionals for good reason. After the crisis past, where tough austerity has been partly shut, businesses invest now increasingly in their staff”, Dominik Deubner, Managing Director of DOM SET notes. Whether incentives or Manager meetings – the Cologne Agency for live communication is currently experiencing a significantly higher demand for experience-oriented events for executives and market access teams.

Currently designed inter alia to Cronos, the DekBank, Dorma, Lekkerland, Lufthansa, REICOFIL, RTL, TuV-consulting and Volkswagen team. The objectives and requirements of our customers are very different. The conviction is equal to all that is the work and experience beyond the own office building long term positive impact on the company and the employees affects. The companies proceed here very result-oriented”, says Oliver malate, Creative Director of DOM SET. Why many renowned companies like to contact the Cologne Agency, is among other things to the competent advice in the definition of objectives and the large network of innovative and certified suppliers. Both enables the creative team specifically to respond to the individual needs of the industry and to integrate many extraordinary and surprising elements in the design team events.

Sheep instead of PowerPoint sheep herding, LEGO building, street view rally, sword-fighting, filming, dinner at the supermarket what seems at first glance like a colorful construction kit, opens to reveal the finished concept as a mix of effective methods of communication, strategy and team development. It is scientifically proven that man learns best if he not only consume content, but at the same time actively experienced”, explains malate. No presentation on the topic of cooperation can be as effective as the group experience, in the Middle a herd immediately to live sheep, which means good teamwork and how it works. No mayflies, elaborate events without thorough and appropriate follow-up in the room to leave, the pros advise against. DOM SET consists on an unambiguous agreement of specific goals and requirements in direct talks with coaches and the HR managers on the customer side. Finally, customers receive a detailed documentation of the event. The ideal basis for the constructive planning of follow-up. Contact for the press Kerstin men Presse.Text.Konzept FON: + 49 (0) 221 16 99 59 30 E-Mail:

General Psychology

In Germany, there is now a new successful Internet service. Enables service but the service allows to earn money to their opinion and education. How many times it was mentioned, that Internet systems in Europe are very saturated and no new and interesting in relation to the consultation for the customer is proposed. Each encounter lasts with specialist quite some time, that becomes more valuable in the rhythm of our lives with every moment. However, recently on the market, an innovative system of online consultations (www.allexpert.de) brought will solve many problems and you get maximum of useful information first-hand in a couple of hours to make. The similar systems in the German Internet does not exist actually, and above all there are no analogues, where real expert, as well as the person who is competent in his field, could earn real money with his mind. The new system offers a comfortable systematized platform that shows the holistic rating of the experts and allows him the diary to lead and the article write, and, that the most important thing to earn.

The proposed system can describe their experience and training the experts, which is confirmed with the diplomas and certificates, online to the bilateral dialogue and to call itself the duration, the time and the tariffs. For the expert, the use of the Web site is free, but for the use of the fee-based consultation system, the minimum Commission is taken over. As the similar systems in the various States already work and the whole experience of the previous years is taken into account the work of the platform under the real income for the experts is maximum optimized. The list of viewed topics is indeed limitless – by the jurisprudence to the questions of General Psychology. The beneficial main difference is not the people who respond to the questions and earn the rating, as the majority of analogues in Germany, but the specialists on the matter.

Managing Director

Alphatrad is the appropriate translator for each specialized German companies before the challenge, having to translate ever more specialized texts make the rapid changes on the international market. Nanotechnology policy the language of global markets evolved and is more alive than ever before to communicate the need to understand. Alphatrad has taken up this challenge and has a new, virtually revolutionizing the market, developed software that forwards the texts of the customer directly to a mother-tongue translator, a translator who is not only native speakers, but also specific expertise. Using this software, for example, the instruction manual of a medical device without loss of time to a translator for medical devices can be redirected while legal requests directly to muttersrpachliche translator can be redirected, which deep experience with legal texts. AlphSearch, the software of the originally French Swiss company ALPHATRAD, the proprietary database searches with over 3,000 translators, to find exactly the profile of the translator, which adapts to the individual needs of the customer.

These translators translate documents from and into more than 70 languages and that worldwide. For us, it is important to help their communication to accelerate international business partners “, says the Managing Director of Alphatrad, Frederic Ibanez.” The Internet has let us expect a delay-free communication… but technical, legal, and medical texts have often slowed the work. Accurate translations of documents of basic sectors of the economy in one of our over 70 languages are easier and faster to achieve now many times.” ALPHATRAD uses the software also in Germany and provides access to more than 3000 native translators for quick and precise translations German companies now. Are all translations by native speakers made, mostly still living in the country of their native language and translate exclusively into this language. ALPHATRAD goes even one step further with AlphSearch, proprietary software, and finds not only native speaking translators, but are always exactly those, which experts in the respective field. This service is available in all 22 German Alphatrad branches.


Similar to a normal coaching is a coaching? Coaching is to reflect support topics, to make decisions, to create ideas and challenge themselves. This goes into the conversation face to face or just on the phone. In terms of content, there are no differences. Where are the differences to find then? The advantages of the Telefoncoachings can show the differences well: the coach focuses more on content, rather than gestures and facial expressions. Listen through nuances of voice are perceived more precisely. Talk more open many can feel in a part of anonymous\”on the phone. The customer feels faster probably due to the missing facial expressions and gestures of the coaches. The customer can remain anonymous until the conclusion of the contract and test the trust of the coaches.

It is comfortable – geographically independent, easy quick availability, call. simpler appointment and no travel expenses. With Skype, you can see the coach and get a real-time protocol. In the Prasenzcoaching, we can see us. This is often an advantage seen and regarded as a disadvantage for the coaching. As will be noted,… lacks the holistic impression… \”.\” It is true gestures and facial expressions are not visually perceived.

This is considered by many as a loss of information. The question is, what information will be lost with that? The reactions of the two persons together are no longer visible. The customer (Coachee) no longer sees how his coach reacts to what I have said. And that is perhaps sometimes even quite good. Because actually the coach not to do so is, to evaluate the customers with his reactions. And so customers could understand this often. \”An example: the customer is on the topic of bullying\” coach. He tells how he has responded to a question from a colleague. The coach hears this and smiles something. How would you interpret this facial reaction as a customer? Perhaps dominated is the coach very well and remains very serious.