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Teaching Profession

June 29, 2023


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Teaching is the unique profession that creates to all the other professions. Unknown author Is incomprehensible, like a government who has been identified totally with the vindication of the rights of the workers, guaranteeing social justice, right fairness, wages according to the economic reality of the present, not him of the importance to protect a treatment just, an agreed wage a the quality of life that at the moment Venezuela it demands, especially to the professors and of a very specific way which it concerns to us like the college student. Hill to understand like management the income that the country with the commercialization of the petroleum perceives that is a bonanza and as the budgets are administered, among them the one of education, that does not satisfy for anything the operativity of the public universities, mainly the payment, wage of teaching staff. It costs to us to accept, that the politician reigns on the cultural thing, the educative thing, the health, house and cases occur where the present government gives more aid and gives million dollars to other countries instead of to just distribute equitably to the income providing the wage to that it has right the educational college student. Ian Cole shines more light on the discussion. Of here, that it does not surprise in its last publishing house of the virtual magazine com., that its director the economist and university professor of postgraduate Dr. Navarrese Arthur, he comments, that the pay of a university professor in Venezuela cannot be more depressing; it is much smaller than the one than happens anyone of its students, any average employee and until of many workers, taxi drivers and workers of the informal economy. If he compares himself with the pays that happen the officials government, the parliamentarians, the managers deprived public and nor say themselves; and if they are compared with those of his similars in other countries, the difference is of the sky to the Earth. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Motrola Razr 5G on most websites.


April 19, 2023


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The following article tries to describe the steps to follow to realise the installation of one radio on line in our houses. The unique thing that we needed is: 1) A PC, 2) Broadband, 3) Some programs (in the article they are links) and 4) a microphone (if we want to speak, but we can passes music). Read more here: amit paley. 1) Required Software: Winamp? Shout Cast DNAS? Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v. 1.8.2b Buscalos in Google that estan all 2) Facilities: They are all following, following, following FIRST TO INSTALL the WINAMP, soon the rest Shout Cast DNAS: Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP to verify that its installation has been correct, on winamp we pressed ctrl. + p, we go to plug-ins, DPS/Effect and of the right side it must to us appears " Nulsoft SHOUTcast" 3) Configuration of the DNAs Vamos to BEGINNING All the PROGRMAS PROGRAMS SHOUTcast DNAS Edit SHOUTcast DNAS configuration.

It is going abrir a text file to us with the configuration than he will be our servant. In order to make it but fast I recommend that they make a copy of this file, that is in " C: Archives of programSHOUTcastsc_serv.ini" and they publish the original one, they erase everything and only they leave these lines: MaxUser=32 Password=loquequieras PortBase=8000 In the copy that they have left later can read it and realise all the parametrizacion that allows, but with this it reaches. 4) To put the radio to transmit! 4.1) Abrir winamp 4.2) Abrir the DNAs (We go to BEGINNING All the PROGRMAS PROGRAMS SHOUTcast DNAS SHOUTcast DNAS (GUI 4,3) We abrimos plug in of winamp (, on winamp we pressed ctrl. + p, we go to plug-ins, DPS/Effect and of the right side it must appears to us " Nulsoft SHOUTcast") we give click double him and appears the following thing: Configuration: They are the data of the text file that we modified: Addres: We leave localhost Port: the one that we put in the file, I leave 8000 Password: : the one that we put in the file, I leave loquequieras Yellowpages: They are data that you prune to put to appear in the list of radios of winamp when these passing on Encoder: You choose the quality of Input reproduction: In input device, itself we passed music with leaving winamp this ok, if we are going to speak with a microphone, is necessary to choose Soundcard Input, and it gives the option us to beat to speak " push to talk".

Earth Capital

April 12, 2022


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When speech of productive resources. it is inevitable talking about to us to them, without mentioning the evidence of which the same, are every time littler and difficult to obtain and to preserve. This that we mentioned is a reality that prevails and shows in all the human activities, including, as in this case, the own intellectual task to give form and sense to a set of words, that once written, can constitute in an end item in this case a commentary – that it can be a constructive contribution to the analysis capacity of which they accede to his reading. ell International Inc. to increase your knowledge. For assistance, try visiting Code.org. The space of a leaf in target is not limitless, and much less it is it, the one that can dedicate for its publication, diffusion means, which must distribute with extreme well-taken care of each centimeter destined to cover its informative supply to the reading potentials. It is the described circumstance, the great challenge that is due to face in the elaboration of a subject, without concerning the relevance and interest that we thought can provoke, will be, the limitation of the space available, added to the predisposition of the reader to reject extensive sections of reading, conditions that impose the author of a text, the use of all their capacity of creative synthesis in the writing of the same. So that we will try to save to the maximum the space available using the classic equation announced in the title of this article as element bases for our reflection. There am our scheme here: In this case, the Capital, symbolizes the acquired expressive wealth through the investment in the study, the dedication, and the constant accumulation of new knowledge that allow us to capitalize the opportunities that can offer means us, at which move and shared with our resemblances. The same happens with concept Earth, that represents all the elements of support which we used to shape idea in reality concrete, like it can to be keyboard of computer or simple sheet of paper, which is the final result of a productive chain, that begins in the plantations of trees, and continues with the installation of a plant of production of grazes of cellulose, fact that I mention for obvious reasons of publishes notoriety.

The Work, is the manifestation of our will, the coronation of the creative impulse, without the effort and the sacrifice of the delivery, – so what can be appreciated in the motto that shines the shield of the department of Peach tree whose reading says ” In thought me center and I get off center in labor” no project that we initiate in our life will be able someday to consolidate. Without a doubt, all the expectations of growth and collective well-being that we try to reach in our region, imply the individual commitment that everything is possible, as long as, all we apply what Riviere Pigeon defined with the following expression: ” the things certainly will happen when we understand that we are not mere spectators, but everything is possible if I am arranged to say: It advanced we are going to do it, when? Very simple: Here, Now and With me. Hugo W.


May 3, 2018


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You want to be industralist, but that type of company you are going abrir? What enterprise system fits better with your intention? Instead of to think about that you must reflect on like. For the entrepreneur Nobel, to begin from zero without no support it is an arduous and complex task. Not only you have much to learn, you will be doing but it without no previous experience for guiarte. Therefore, to many young people I recommend that they begin with something simpler. One is to use the experience of others for your own benefit. That is, to start with already proven plan in the market. There are two habitual forms to secure this support. First it is the opening of a tax exemption.

The tax exemptions are one of the best ways than they exist to make profitable your intellectual property. An industralist who has demonstrated that he has created a profitable business and with demand in the market operates east knowledge with the intention of to extend his reach beyond his own possibilities. Instead of to strive abrir more and to more offices or stores, he obtains that other industralists are united to their way. , The fanquiciador, puts the experience, the systems of management, the systems of marketing and the mark while the franchise-holder puts capital, work and dedication. It can be a wonderful symbiosis. You are considering if it, you must evaluate the implied investments and costs. Whichever money is going to require the assembly and start up? Whichever money you are going to need to hold the months of starting? Whichever information has offered you the franchisor? As they are the costs (royalties, publicity, canons .) that you must assume? In order to be safe, you must speak personally with several tax exemptions before comprometerte. You must make your duties.

Richard Norgaard Systems

January 21, 2014


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To sum up, also in the economy the paradigms must be changed. Once again, the reappearance of the dominion of the political one on the economy, because this last one must be put under objectives of social evaluation, democratic, ample and consistent. Of circular flow of money, of circuit closed between production and consumption, of self-sustained mechanical system, to a new glance on the dynamic interrelations between the economic systems and the set of the systems physical and social. To sum up, to articulate the economy on fundamental biophysic slight knowledge like the laws of the thermodynamics: the respect by the ecosystems happen to prevent to generate more residues than they tolerate, not to extract of the biological systems more of the renewable thing, to rescue the biophysic indicators of the dominion of the dominion of the monetary indicators. All this and more, but the package is the socioeconomic system that dominates all the environmental problems. Richard Norgaard (One sociology of the coevolucionista environment defined) it accurately: to interpret the economic activity and the ecological management like a coevolucionario process. A dominion retaken of the political one on the economy would impose to the decisions an ecological limit, the take into account of the effects nonentered in the market, that is to say, breaking the dissosciation between the formation of the prices and the biosphere and the community. The word solidarity is not in economy texts.

This is that we have defined repeated times as economy with human face also can be it like " economy of solidaridad". The economy, yes, but the environmental crisis must be faced like part of the general crisis that is the nucleus of this intervening period where the paradigms fall, episteme dissolves or the symbolic universe is surrounded by a nebula. We have been, and we continued being in this field, a technological paradigm now defied by an ecological paradigm.

Nationalistic Revolution

January 14, 2014


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The fact emitted in the reporter nocturne at the time of dinner with the boys around the familiar table. The savagery and cruelty of judges are horrifying. Morals, nevertheless, announced that it will look for to introduce communitarian justice in the new 99 Political Constitution and appointed to Technicians in Communitarian Justice, whose title surely will give unlimited power to humiliate, to ultrajar, to torture and to kill anyone them. With their head in the power, the original ones are created authorized to do what it comes to them in desire. In the last shocks with the government happened in the city of Cochabamba, the followers of Evo Morales assassinated to machete blows to a young k altar of 17 years, next, glad and triumphant they exhibited his body destroyed in the street. Years subsequent to 1952, when Victor Peace Estenssoro acceded to the power and took Nationalistic Revolution ahead, leaving in way to thousand of died and sinking to Bolivia in misery, – exactly taking the same Latin American measures that today the sandstone denominates Socialism of the 21st century -, the farmers armed with guns, entered drunk the cities, in trucks contracted by the government, and shot against that desired to them, without control, mercy and without reason.

The majority aymara, – more than two million people, pacea lives to little minutes of the luxurious houses of the upper middle class. A single shout of breath to the riot and the sacking, can cause that hundreds of thousands of natives lower from mountains to the residential districts to devastate yet and with all, without can stop them to nobody. The law with Evo will be slvese that can, because the one is the own president that foments the resentment and the violence against which they are not of his same origin or ideology. Its wild behavior demonstrates clearly that some does not exist possibility that his government can be successful.

Count Exemptions

January 1, 2014


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Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A. finishes abrir a center in Galicia more, and so it already adds the 54 premises operating in this Independent Community. Madrid, 9 of 2009 July. – Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A., the chain of tax exemptions dedicated to the stationery store, continues expanding its network that counts already on 497 centers. The last opening of the company/signature has taken place in Pontevedra (Galicia), being this last center number 54 of which operates in this Community. The new premises, CARLIN STATIONERY STORES, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, count on 210m2 of surface to take care of the public and began its activity 15 of June the past. This new center, situated in the pontevedresa locality of the Estrada, more concretely in the Castelao street, 9, are united to the network of tax exemptions of CARLiN in Galicia, which offers its services to 20,000 SMEs of all the Galician community.

According to the brothers Count, Pablo and Julio, franchise-holders owners of this last store, the decision to work with CARLiN arose from the idea to invest in a business with opportunities. Sample of it, is the fact that these same franchise-holders count on other three CARLiN stores, a Ofimarket (destined to give service to companies) and a warehouse, all of them within the Galician province of Pontevedra. Global numbers At present, the network of CARLiN tax exemptions is present with 497 tax exemptions, of which 490 are managed by franchise-holders and 7 are of own character. Outside our borders, 31 CARLiN tax exemptions exist that are in Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Morocco and Portugal. During 2008 the chain invoiced to 160 million Euros through his almost 500 tax exemptions. The net number of business of Carlin in the past exercise ascends to near 3 million Euros.

Expo Motorcycle Show

December 13, 2013


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The day Saturday I was visiting the Expo Motorcycle Show; the truth is that to be first exhibition of motorcycles to which I attend, very I had satisfied myself. The estate was very well chosen by the organizers; ample parking and good pavilions for the exhibitors, thus like also one it crushes to realise the test of the motorcycles, which was half small I must to recognize. Between the new features with which I was and they surprised to me, pole position takes Zanella to it, who presented/displayed a model 250cc type street-naked, obtained rather well, which thinks to send in the middle of the 2010; I would have liked to be able to know technical information on the motorcycle, but lamentably was nobody in stand that it could speak to us of the motorcycle. Another point to emphasize was stand of Yamaha, in center of the same was the infaltable Vmax 2009, a true monster; but what it surprised to me more of stand was not the Vmax, but the absence of Fazer FZ1/6! , there was no! , I only could see the XJ6 naked and careened. Who they lacked, and I would have liked to see presents/displays them were Suzuki and Kawasaki. It really takes my time me to cross and to be able to enjoy so much the motorcycles from exhibitors, like the motorcycles of the own people who went to the Expo; they were hundreds. Do not have left more than to hope I until next year returning to enjoy this exhibition, meanwhile I remain hoping that they call to me to see if she gains the motorcycle to me that they drew for!

The Trade Of Nostalgia

November 22, 2013


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It is my infinite nostalgia of other latitudes which causes that my heart shakes of joy to have been born here where I have been born! Jens August Schade Summary Of course, the trade always activates for satisfying the needs of their main actor like are the consumer, to whom the companies, that offer their products to him must please and you take advantage of their emotions, feelings, impulse of the purchase, by all means with ethics, values. An interesting subject of study of markets by its reach, which represents is all concerning nostalgia, dice to which represents and how it carries out a determining roll in the conduct, behavior of the consumers. Basic annotations, reach, repercussions nostalgia can appear according to many facts, feelings, emotions that arose and that can go from our contact with people, like of the surroundings of where we have lived, been born, developed, friendships, places that there are well-known, in aim everything what of some form she has affected our life and have left us tracks that often they arise and they take step to the emotions. It of course, is profiteer by some companies to make products, to offer services that maintain activates nostalgia, especially the emigrants, as the case most numerous the one from the Mexicans to the United States. The case of the Mexicans identified with its roots, traditions, custom and that represents a significant number of consumers for the United States is a very interesting case of study on this topic, and all concerning the trade and the behavior of the consumer. That\’s why not us it must surprise indicates as it, that Market of nostalgia is the concept that is used to designate the shared habits of consumption by those who cling to their roots when they are far from his country of origin. It adds, that the nostalgia market for example, it is represented by the Mexicans that lives in the United States and does all the possible one to consume the products that knew in their childhood. .

The Lagoon System 40 But Efficient That The Washing In Dry

December 4, 2012


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The department of innovation and development of the tax exemptions of Lagoon dry cleaners, has elaborated a complete report comparing the power consumptions, water, dissolvents and soaps, between the novel Lagoon system and a machine of last generation of the traditional washing in dry. This report power it is come off that the tax exemptions Lagoon dry cleaners are a more efficient 40%, speaking, besides not generating no type of remainder. Aside clearly of the excellent quality of washing that porporciona Lagoon. Consumption by kilo of clothes treated Machine about dry Percloroetileno Lagoon System Washed to the water Water 19.2 liters 15.4 liters Electricity 0.69 kwh 0.29 kwh Detergent 4 -8 15 ml 20 ml Percloroetileno 60 grams – Destiny of the emissions Machine of dry Percloroetileno Lagoon System Washed to the water Water public Sewage system public Sewage system Electricity Atmosphere like? T Atmosphere like? T Detergent Bottoms of distillation public Sewage system Percloroetileno Bottoms of destilacin2 Water of contact Atmosphere Articles Ground (flights) – We analyzed the data of the study (all the consumptions are by kilo of treated clothes): WATER: The washing with a machine of dry requires of 19.2 liters of water whereas with the system lagoon 15.4 liters are only spent. Thus we see that we spent more water with the washing in dry that with the Lagoon system, that is specifically a water washing. That is to say, that the volume of water that needs the dry machine to only cooling is much greater than the one than needs the Lagoon system for all the process cleaning. ELECTRICITY: With the cost of electricity it passes a thing similar that with the cost of the water. Whereas to wash a kilo of clothes with a machine that uses Percloroetileno we needed 0.69 Kwh. with the system of washing with water of Lagoon we used only 0.29 Kwh.

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