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Psychological Burdens

December 23, 2014


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He may experience a significant psychological burden as well as with other learning methods, but in his first jump is enough time for her overcome. It usually takes 5 – 10 seconds, after which the student becomes accustomed to the sensation of free fall and has three pull-out simulation of the ring (if necessary, he assisted the instructor). In this way, attained skills in fewer jumps and with less risk to the disclosure of a parachute student, as experienced instructors provide stability falling immediately prior to filling the dome. It should be noted that the transition from one level to another and from task to task is made depending on results achieved rather than on the number of completed jumps. During the first three levels of a student learns and acquires the basic survival skills. These include the ability to consistently separate from the aircraft, to carry out a stable and controlled free-fall, to maintain control and attention, using instruments and to open the parachute.

The student receives this skills through intensive ground training and direct control at run-time jump. Once a student masters the skills of survival to the required level, he gets the basic skills of maneuvers that can enjoy skydiving. Following four levels designed to develop skills and abilities to maneuver in freefall. The student performs the energetic approach, turns on 360 *, front and back somersault, and learns to move into freefall and perform desynchronization before opening his parachute. Student studies the calculation of the jump, security measures are in freefall, at the opening, with a decrease in the dome and landing.

Learning to navigate in the air when jumping with other paratroopers and without them. The ultimate goal of learning to program aff is to obtain a student license "A" and the necessary expertise to carry out independent skydiving. Education for the student will be easier and more productive if the specifics of the lesson will focus on a limited number of goals and objectives. The immediate task should be clear and achievable. Better to achieve small but steady progress. Preparation of skydivers made up of theoretical and practical lessons for the study of parachute equipment, theory of a jump and land-based training to implement the elements of the jump from parachute. The main purpose of theoretical training, taking into account the requirements of the program aff, is the study of parachute equipment and the theory of skydiving, based on physical laws. A.6. Practical exercises are conducted step by step according to the principle 'the story – the show – an independent implementation'. Sessions on theoretical and ground training should be conducted in specially equipped classrooms parachute, or parachute training camp. On classes use visual aids: posters, tables, benches, photographs, models, training videos movies, acting and learning patterns of parachute equipment. For conducting each session instructor aff (head) should to have a lesson plan and approved by the synopsis on the topic under study. A.7. By skydiving admitted students who successfully complete the theoretical training. A.8. For the initial training of parachutists educational groups are not more than 12 people. A.9. Control knowledge is held on each subject separately. Questions of theory, basic knowledge of the provisions of the documents and technical data parachute systems are checked by questioning in class (for tickets or using a computer). Practical skills acquired at the gym and models are tested directly on the aircraft mock-ups and simulators. A.10. Assessment of Knowledge and skills of participants is on a five-point digital system: Five (5), 4 (four), three (3), 2 (Two), 1 (one).

A Compulsory Question

August 25, 2013


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In our life we have to ask ourselves a series of really important questions, but the truth is any more important than others. There are even that reach the mandatory category. What is the meaning of life, at least in our life? So we are here? Do really I feel good with the current I that I am playing? These are some of those questions to which we referred moments before. Usually takes long time to find the answer but the truth is that it is worth. We have a power that lies asleep in our interior. As we go striving the power of the mind will strengthen and the maturation of this is one of the major objectives.

A sample of the obvious need to delve into these issues can be seen in the constant and increasingly widespread phrase stress. This phenomenon is no coincidence. It comes with such excessive materialistic mentality that prevails in our days. And it is not that this is important, it is not much, but it is also secondary. Matter is nothing more than an instrument for help us to reach higher levels of ourselves and to confuse her with the goal we never without realizing in an internal struggle that gets us nowhere, or better said, leads to self-destruction and vacuum. I believe that humanity must take action and at least thinking seriously about this topic. Our children need a mature education, worthy of responsible and caring parents and unfortunately is not this what we are seeing. This and many others are results of apathy and accommodation to mediocrity. Take your time, meditate on these issues and will know that there, in our minds all the answers already.


May 13, 2013


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AGENCIES Del Bosque has made public this Friday in Santa Cruz de Tenerife list. Susaeta debuted with the u-21 selection in 2007, but did not do so with the absolute. Juan Mata, absent from list in the last calls, returns to the selection. Spanish coach Vicente de el Bosque has included for the first time in a call the Markel Susaeta Athletic footballer and has returned to call of the Barcelona Martin Montoya, who already was with the national in August 2011 team, although he did not play. Susaeta debuted with the under-21 team on 12 October 2007, in a qualifying match for the Euro Cup in that category before Poland, but it is the first time that he was called to the absolute. Del Bosque has made public this Friday in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the list of 19 players summoned for the match between Spain and Panama that will be disputed in the Central American country next Wednesday 14, which include footballer of Chelsea Juan Mata, absent from the last two meetings of the red. The rest of the squad are Victor Valdes, Jordi Alba, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Busquets, David Villa and Pedro, of Barcelona; Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Raul Albiol, Real Madrid; Juanfran Torres, Atletico; Javi Martinez, Bayern; Santi Cazorla, arsenal; Benat, Betis; Jesus Navas, Sevilla; and Roberto Soldado, Valencia. See more: Susaeta and Montoya are the novelties of Vicente de el Bosque for the match with Panama

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