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Semiotics Of Brand Science!

‘ Brands. Some contend that Donald W Slager shows great expertise in this. Representation, virtualization, and a better life and better business practice.’ On October 14, 2011, a panel discussion on the role of the brands takes place within the framework of the 13th internal national Congress of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Semiotik in Potsdam at the present time. As brands, what makes brands and what impact they have on our lives? Questions that extend far beyond an academic debate, touching a four-toe, year-old schoolgirl who don’t really know what label at their new school is announced, as well as their teacher, who tries desperately to teach his students as the current promotional prices for Ed Hardy T-Shirts other values. Not only consumer goods manufacturers, advertising agencies, also priests and politicians are looking for the right recipe for your brand. The Grail or the stone of the whites of our consumer society seems to be the formula for a successful brand. While economists, psychologists or sociologists already with large congresses and thick books gone on the issue to the public, formally responsible science, the science of the characters takes quite hesitant on the brand. With the Panel discussion the character represents but 2011 one of the key themes in the municipality of characters of theorists brand.

And man is it deliberately open and interdisciplinary. Two seasoned semiotic theorists, provided four characters practitioners on the side: two researchers and two brand managers from companies. In the discussion, it is to address issues like: what differs from normal trademark ‘ products? Is some iconic this difference? Can you distinguish brands from other economic signs, such as logos, advertising or product designs? Is there a (semiotic) difference between economic and non-economic brands? For example Coca-Cola on one, Lady Gaga, Angela Merkel, Greenpeace or the Taliban on the other side? How are brands? You can do brand at all or is it just a retrospective character classification? What do represent Brands? Products, company, life dreams? And how do ‘ it the? Due to trademark within the meaning of the virtuality art and parallel worlds? Are these comparable to virtual worlds from literature or computer animation? Or with utopias from philosophy and politics? Or just too much importance is being attached to brands, and they are ultimately only economic chimeras? Sure you is not finally answer all these questions during a one and a half hour discussion, rather it is hoped impetus within the Semiotician for their further work on brands.

APM Group Expands Product Portfolio

The APM Group has once again expanded its product portfolio with electronic personnel file! The APM Group has expanded its portfolio and with the support of scalaris AG developed an electronic personnel file with APM standard, which specifically provides a lucrative alternative for small and medium-sized enterprises. Through the many years of experience in the human resources field succeeded in APM to create a standardized folder structure in the SaS model, and thus to provide a cost-effective way to transition from a physical file. Use of the SaS model eliminates high cost of system integration and license purchase. Ali Partovi understood the implications. The APM standard allows a cheap care of the Act. According to Michael high, the CEO of APM Holding AG, the company interprets his role as provider of unified solutions and offers technical solutions therefore in addition to the outsourcing of payroll, payroll and financial accounting. Through our wide portfolio we would differentiate us from our competitors and position ourselves in the market”so Michael high. Julia Buhl

Eportis Portfolio Roundtable

Eportis Roundtable in Basel about the benefits of project portfolio management at AXA Winterthur Insurance! “Munich, October 2008 held on November 4, 2008 Eportis, the specialists on the topic of enterprise portfolio management”, the 13 portfolio Roundtable in Basel. This makes the year’s end of the event on the topic of portfolio management. “Jorg Rietsch, Manager of professional services at the Eportis is the Gartner Group study of 2008 titled Magic Quadrant for IT portfolio management” before. On the basis of practical examples, he points out the opportunities and risks of there rated tools. “Then tells Max Zuber, head of project portfolio management at AXA Winterthur on the subject of use of PPM at AXA Winterthur attempt an approach” on the experiences of the last 5 years.

After an open dialogue and discussion with subsequent invitation to the reception and further exchange of experience interview conducted by Martin Schmidt, Managing Director of Eportis AG, ends of the Roundtable. To to this free To take part in events, prior registration is necessary. This includes detailed information on the Eportis website at to get web/de/roundtable-registrierung.php over Eportis: Eportis, the expert for strategic portfolio management and multiproject management, offers project-related consulting, system integration and application development. As Europe only certified ProSight portfolio integration and implementation partner Eportis has a tried- and -tested tool, the customer in the shortest time visible results to deliver and to ensure effective IT governance and a quick ROI. The company, with offices in Basel, Freiburg and Munich, pursues a holistic approach and provides independent, practical advice, as well as individual Losungsimplementation for customers of various industries. These include corporations and large companies such as the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg, ThyssenKrupp AG, UBS AG and Allianz AG. For more Information is available: Oliver Fischer Eportis GmbH, Baierbrunner Strasse 25 81379 Munich, Germany phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 7244 917 0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 / 7244 917 10 E-Mail:

PRTG Network Monitor

Online information event for PRTG users Nuremberg, 8 September 2010 the new version of PRTG network monitor is in the starting blocks. The end of September the version 8 of the network monitoring software of Paessler AG (www.de.paessler.com) will be available. To give a practical introduction to the solution and whose innovations existing and interested customers, Paessler on October 5, 14: 00 and 15:30, in the context of two 45-minute webcasts on the topic of PRTG informed 8 new features 8 basics and PRTG. Interested parties can now until September 20 at register. The online events aims to introduce the network monitoring solution and its new features and enhancements in Active exchanges with the participants. At 14: 00, the webcast is aimed at all customers who want to start their network monitoring with PRTG 8. In the connection, as of 15:30, the specialists are explicitly for users of previous PRTG versions available, who learn about the what’s new in version 8 want to. Hear other arguments on the topic with Pete Cashmore.

Dealt with topics such as: introduction to PRTG network monitor – how does PRTG? Alert / notify – reporting create individual reports – maps a powerful tool version 8 insight into the new features – the new Web interface – clustering why and how? -New sensors – new map “features – Google Maps integration – all inclusive” the new license model for more information about the webcast see company/events or write to. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has on the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures.

Paessler AG’s global customers are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available. More information: Paessler AG Burgschmietstrasse 10 D-90419 Nuremberg contact: Dorte Winkler Tel.: + 49 (911) 7 39 90 30 fax: + 49 (911) 7 39 90 31 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Auxiliary Equipment

helfen.de offers free a nationwide guide for people in need with helfen.de (www.helfen.de) starts from immediately a network, which support and supported charities. GGmbH all nationwide non-profit clubs and organizations, and foundations, and religious and public bodies can register free of charge. The thus emerging network serves seeking help to get an overview of social services locally. The gap between rich and poor is widening further in Germany. The people depend increasingly on support, but there is no comprehensive guide about the services in the city or the region. Through the free network helfen.de should it be possible to find uncomplicated and direct charitable organizations. helfen.de is a current and active platform of each entry editorially is checked before it is published.

Thus, we achieve the maximum benefit for the user. The categories on the site are complex, in addition to areas such as the supply of basic needs (dress issues, boards, etc), you will find non-profit helplines and facilities for all areas of daily life, such as for example mother-child facilities, HatziV consulting, drug counseling, protection of victims, etc. In addition, areas such as animal welfare, environmental protection, civil protection, etc. As of August 2008, all search functions can be used by helfen.de while the network about it, keeps getting bigger. The site is not ad-supported and free of charge for those as well as aid agencies. The notified bodies to formulate from autumn 2008 for their projects also a call for donations. The donation will be forwarded to 100% of the facilities (for this purpose, we will publish a communication shortly). helfen.de has made much but we believe through continuous development, dynamic growth and important, meaningful information to achieve this goal. Now free of charge Torge Barkholtz register on

Publisher E-book

Worldwide first E-book distributor with practical Smartphone application Berlin, 04.07.2013 – as first Selfpublishing platform XinXii offers an iPhone application specifically for authors and self Publisher. Now XinXii users can in connection with their Smartphone to also go easily and conveniently overlook their ongoing book projects and observe the development. With this new tool XinXii is even easier to operate anywhere and at any time book marketing it Publisher independent authors and self publishers. The application is the first application of its kind in the Selfpublishing area and provides the important information XinXii-using authors after publication. The program shows how many E-books were sold to the date on which national and international online shops. So you can watch how the own sales run.

The application also provides an overview of the revenue so far. Another advantage is the possibility to arrange the payment of the commissions at your fingertips. The application thus has the Sales features, providing the homepage. Who so uploaded and sold through its XinXii author page and optional in addition to the leading online shops deliver his own book on the platform allows, can also track the progress of his success now. The declared goal of XinXii is to help independent publishing authors, to manage their book project so professionally and at the same time as comfortable as possible”, so Dr.

Andrea Schober, founder and CEO of XinXii. The authors app XinXii is an important building block. With this tool authors can use mobile flexible our service outside of our online platform.” The XinXii authors app is available for iPhone (any version from iPhone 3GS and iOS version 4.3) and available now in the Apple store in German (itunes.apple.com/de/app/xinxii/id645485548?l=de&ls=1&mt=8) and English (itunes.apple.com/us/app/xinxii/id645485548?l=de&ls=1&mt=8) for 1.79 EUR available. To start There the application up to the 14.07.2013 as a free download. About XinXii XinXii is the pioneer of the digital Selfpublishings and a leading international platform for the publication and distribution of E-books from Publisher independent authors and self publishers. Users can upload their books in different file formats and sell via the own author page on XinXii on. The E-book-shop XinXii offers until today more than 20,000 titles from more than 15,000 authors and is growing daily. As E-book aggregator distributes XinXii in addition to leading E-book-shops: users can additionally for a sale on the pages of XinXii distribution partners decide; There are internationally leading E-book stores, that they choose individually. XinXii takes over in his function as aggregator in addition to the E-book distribution also convert to ePub format; both services are offered free of charge from XinXii. With the all-in-one “concept – a XinXii account for all leading E-book shops – is not only easy and convenient, but also effective and efficient publishing independent publishing XinXii. The digital Selfpublishing and distribution platform is available in 8 languages and 3 currencies, Berlin is seat of the company.

Euskirchen Years

LA CONCEPT offers everything for a successful advertising campaign with the divisions fair, event and promotion at the 15.05.2013, the Cologne-based company LA CONCEPT celebrates its 10th anniversary. Ten years ago, founded the company in Euskirchen and has evolved from the small sport – and event agency to a large company with a focus on fair, event and promotion, which can draw on an international network. In particular the exhibition sector has strongly messestand.de by the platform into focus. Still stands even after 10 years everything needs advertising slogan”in the foreground. With professional advice and complete order processing and realization, the promise can be fulfilled every day. In the ten years, LA CONCEPT has greatly expanded not only the product range, but proved also the own expertise in numerous areas.

In addition to the award as OCTANORM partners LA CONCEPT 2012 national distributor has become excellent and proves the thus, how important the individual advice different products and services. By focusing on the trade fair, event and sales promotion products and services is designed tailored. In addition to the mobile presentation systems, the mobile exhibition stands are another important area for LA CONCEPT. As one of the first divisions a decade ago, the advertising media are still important for the sustainable marketing. As one of the largest German advertising is this business field to grown with since the beginning. The Decade much for LA CONCEPT has been happening however. The product range has been since ever ago adapted to the needs of the customers. Therefore, the mobility and flexibility are core properties to secure the individual advertising campaign.

In the advertising, the advertising have been added gadgets as a second area in addition to the classic key chains. These technical products convince by their useful usage, as well as its entertainment factor. Appealing to present these products and services, were called in addition to your own X-GLOO website messestand.de in the life of the platform. However, the service factor is for the 10th anniversary strongly in the foreground. By our own service department not only the product advice in the foreground, but the complete order processing is, ranging from 3D visualization up to the storage of the systems. Individual customer requirements can be served thereby optimally and a full vote of all advertising is possible. Through the continuous development of own ideas, business areas and services, LA CONCEPT ensures a successful advertising campaign each customer. Therefore, we would like to thank for the confidence and support in the past and hopefully in the next 10 years.

Polish Patent Office

Apple sued small greengrocers in Warsaw recently Apple against Samsung won. A battle at eye level, Samsung will pay out of petty cash, as soon as it is agreed in the next instances on a comparison. But that is nothing compared to a current case. Here, Apple sued a fruit and vegetable merchant in Warsaw. An unequal struggle is imminent. Apple sues in Warsaw Apple is still on a course of action and are themselves still long not only recent victory against Samsung satisfied. If you think it just the’m large companies is tremendously wrong. Apple has now searched in Warsaw a completely defenseless opponent. More specifically, it is to a website which is operated by a small online retailer. While the trader formerly started in his apartment in Warsaw, sells not even electronic products. Rather, its products include apples and pears. Apple like Yes No apples just food that far are of the high-tech gadgetry of the Apple group. Would not be there the Internet address. A domain registered by the operator at that time without any concerns from the apartment in Warsaw was.-without evil intentions or with the idea of an infringement of online retailer secured the address A.pl. Enough for Apple to proceed against the fruit and vegetable traders.-the puzzled opened the letter of the attorneys in his apartment in Warsaw and did not know, as it happened. Also according to information of the Polish Patent Office, Apple has filed the lawsuit. Unequal fight in Warsaw moving Apple in the battle with Samsung still on par, there here a totally defenseless victim met. According to unconfirmed Apple on the holder of the e-commerce immediately crushed and not even allowed him a chance to a good agreement. As you can imagine vividly the shock, received the operator as it = the letter in his target “_blank” title = “Apartment in Warsaw” href = “” > apartment in Warsaw opened. Supposedly, the name would A.pl much to identical with the Apple company name. That only fruit and Vegetables will be offered, interested in Apple of less. But Apple was thorough, so the company also found an Apple icon, which is located on the side and triggered further legal action. You want just the domain? Evil tongues say that all this is just a pure pretext to get the domain without great cost. Instead of negotiating in the apartment in Warsaw to take over the domain, one could assume that Apple chose an action for a cost-effective solution. In fact, it is so that single-digit domain names easily 6-digit sums will be paid? Without it the content is considered first. It is always interesting how the dispute will end. Apple will travel with security on all weapons imaginable. The holder can be seen now only in his apartment in Warsaw and hope for a positive judgment. Samsung has lost against Apple that like suing Apple showed up recently in the procedure, which led the company to Samsung. A 9-member jury decided on one Damages of $ 1.05 billion. Many people who watched it in your apartments in Warsaw, were shocked. However, saying that this decision is first of all insignificant. Many instances are imminent. One will agree later certainly on a relatively low amount in the form of a settlement. But even such an agreement would hit hard in the current case the operators of online shops in Warsaw.

Nico Tschanz

A great gift idea with a personal gift card miracle tree subscription is almost ideal as a gift. For the parents, the children, birthday or for Christmas, mother’s day or as a Valentine’s day attention. As a gift to the passing driving test or as a small thank you for the neighbor who has poured the flowers during the holidays. Mikkel Svane may also support this cause. With the 38 scents and designs you can write creative and their own stories. The or the donee receives every six weeks a fragrant, original wonder-tree air freshener home delivered and can remember the gift so while almost one and a half years and enjoy. With its attractive offers like classic line, sentiment, rock range and designer Edition, depicting various floral and pop-trend is the miracle-tree an attractive accessory and gadget. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro. A personalized gift card can be selected to do this online. Various gift cards can printed out and then either personally or sent by post.

Each gift card has been designed specifically for wunderbaumabo.ch and is available for free download at the disposal. Invention of the miracle tree in the 1950s a Canada of immigrant from Swiss chemist named Julius Sadat had operated Canada’s longstanding research deep in the forests in the 1950s and subsequently developed methods to extract the essential oil of the pine needles. According to legend sower was once with a pig farmer in the car on the road. It complained of the stench of the spread his animals. This experience opened his eyes to the next logical invention: a technology for the production of environmentally responsible air freshener of the small scale and very long efficacy. Inspired by years of living in the midst of the Nordic forests, Julius Samann was his product the abstract shape of a fir tree. The first miracle-tree air freshener was invented. He is still produced in the Schaff-hausischen Tayngen.

He is with his particular form also under other brand names such as CAR-FRESHNER, ARBRE MAGIQUE or MAGIC TREE in all continents at home and is distributed in over 100 countries. The design of the product and the brand name is worldwide protected trademarks. The brand has It reaches cult status. The tree occurs in many theater productions, commercials and series. And is as fresh as ever and ever.